what are the physical requirements to become a high fashion model?

I was wondering what the requirements (height, weight, size, facial features, etc.) are needed to become a fashion model. Is it different for print and runway? Thanks :)

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    firstly, runway models do editorial as well, so it's about the same requirements.

    the shortest you can be is 5'8. high fashion models are, almost all the time, between 5'9 and 5'11.

    you need to be slender, but not to look scarily skinny. long legs, an interesting, symmetrical face, clean skin, versatile hair.

    and most importantly have a good, cooperative personality, and don't take things people say too seriously. keep your eyes on your goal.

    in the industry models take a bunch of rejections. at castings they get criticized and are told they're too this, or not enough that. it is important not to take these words to heart.

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    models are set to a fairly rigid standard, but there's no set requirements. Usually though 5'7 is the very shortest they can be, and they need to retain a very skinny frame. Facially it of course varies, but the more symmetrical the face, the better.

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    Female Models:- Be at least 5ft8in tall, with measurements of approximately 34-24-34.

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    I think the height is either 5"7

    or 5"9

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    1 decade ago

    5'7 in height i think

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