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I am a runner. I love the running but i hate the training. Do you know of any ways to get myself motivated to become better.

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    I think your motivation should be, to beat your friend, the one that you THINK is faster than you. Try training with her, and push eachother, like in practice and then in meets, dominate the course, and you set the pace for her, just practice and think that, the more you practice the faster you get, and then its time, just pass her, when she is weak on the course, even know you two stay together the whole way, dont be intimidated to stay with her when she doesnt want to keep up, just pass her and go for the gold, she will be proud no matter what, and will always encourage you to do your best and not let her to slow you down.

    ~bestest buddie~

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    You made a contradictory statement in my estimation. But not as great as mine. I hate running but I do it 4-5 times a week. It confines my suffering (about work, money, social life) to the rigors of the run itself, incredibly high heat and humidity, hunger, thirst. I lose all motivation when I open the door and exit the a/c to the sub-tropical heat, but I do it anyway.

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    everytime I come across an elite athlete, i ask them the same question... and you know what their answer almost always is?

    Always think about what your competition is doing.

    Most likely, they're out the door training, getting better than you. If you think about that, then you'll want to get out the door as well so that you can be better than them.

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    Hey EB, I have that same problem with training for football. (next year). You just have to set your mind to it and set goals for yourself. That way you can track your progress and it will really motivate you. Also, you may want to run with someone you know. It's always fun to run with somebody else. That way you can kick butt EB!

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    Strap a long stick to your back, put a string on it so the string is out of reach, then put your favorite food onto the string. Star running for the food!

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    Think about your friend that you think is faster than you. Sure, she says its alright if you beat her and she encourages it, but i'm sure deep down, she hopes you never have the chance. Think about how she's always beaten you on the course and how its time for you to win a race.

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