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idk know what to do!? plz help?

my dogz are destructive sumtimez i usually walk my dogs every day 4 about 45 minutes a day

but yesterday i didnt have time so they must've been bored cuz they tore up the water hose

(i have a terrier mix and a german shepherd ) but when i seen that the water hose waz torn apart they had already been done tearing it apart

and they were just sleeping so i didnt know what to do, what do i do if i catch them tearing sumthing apart how do i tell them that thats wrong? and if i dont catch when they're being michevous then how do i punish them? please help thanks


oh and right now i cant afford 2 take them 2 obidence classes is there anything else i can do besides paying 4 a dog trainer?

Update 2:

im not gonna lock my dogs up in the bathroom ashely or w/e ur name is just your parents did that 2 u when u were a kid doesnt mean im gonna do it 2 my dogs

Update 3:

yeah but when i do catch them in the act they stop biting on w/e they are biting and run 2 me cuz they're happy 2 see me

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    I have a lab mix and when I took her to obedience school they gave this "trick" for teaching dogs to stop digging. It worked and I would think it should work for anything you want a dog to stop doing. Take an empty soda can and fill it with some pennies (enough so that when you rattle the can it makes a loud noise). Tape the opening to the can shut. When you see your dog tearing up something, throw the can NEAR the NOT throw the can AT the dog!! Then, pick up the can before the dog gets a chance to see what it is. The noise of the can will scare them away and they'll start to relate the loud noise with whatever it is they're doing at the time they hear it. So, hopefully, they'll then stop doing that. My dog was only 5 months old when I used this on her, so, it may have worked better due to her young age. But, still worth a try!! Just not throw it at the dogs or hit the dogs with the can....the idea is to just scare them with the noise. For years after throwing it once near my dog all I'd have to say to her was, "Do I have to get the can?" and she'd immediately obey. Never hit or smack the dogs as they don't respond to that. Definitely praise them when they stop doing something they shouldn't be doing, etc. Good luck!!

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    You don't have to pay for a training class-you can train them for free yourself as long as you are using positive training methods. You can't punish them after the fact beause they will not know what they are being punished for-dogs live in the moment. Provide them with tough chew toys like a kong while they are alone. If they are being naughty and you catch them in the act say ah ah and give them something that is ok to play with. Keeping things out of their reach wll help too. You can find a ton of good training books at the library and some good training tips online by typing in positive reward training for dogs. Good luck!

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    It sounds silly but if you just pick up whatever they were chewing up and say who did this, bad dags, really mean. They know what your talking about. Keep repeating it acting mad, and they don't like it. You can only really punish, as you know, when you catch them.It always works for me. Good Luck !

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    if you catch them in the act say no firmly and take the hose from them quickly while they are watching. do NOT hit them. if you don't catch them in the act it's to late. my pup eva enjoys chewing the hose, but i role it up and have corrected her and she leaves it alone.

    i would like to add that the welshman who responded to this made me laugh hysterically. "who did this? bad dags!"... i almost cried from laughing so hard.

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    If you catch them you shouldn't yell at them, just say bad and smack them on their butt, or spray them with a spray bottle of water. if you don't catch them then take them to it and smack them and say no. it works with potty training them too.

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    well cage them up or lock them in the bathroom when you are gone......problem solved.

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