Im jelous and i don't know why??

My girlfriend (we're both 17) of 1.5 years went up to the cottage with her friends this weekend. She said she would text me not call because the long distance and she cant afford it this bill. She text me when she got there and nothing else i asked her about it when she got back and she said her phone died. Her friends met these guys on the beach and she added them on facebook when she got home. She told me she thought 2 was cute one ugly and they were really funny and nice. One guy pushed her in the water and she splashed him back. Im bothered cuz the way i see it she was flirtin this weekend with these guys and she said if i consider that flirtin then she flirted. Why would she add them if she wasnt interested. I feel she never compliments me and i feel very insecure about our relationship. We don't talk alot just 15-20 min a night. She could tell iwas mad and just got off the phone sayin she was goin to her friends and she'd call me later. What do i do?

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    Everyone gets jealous, EVERYONE.

    You just have to suck it up and endure it, she probably goes through it too. It's harder when the relationship is new and if this is your first girlfriend. That's why you have to trust her; you'll probably flirt with some girls during your relationship, and she will flirt to guys- but trusting each other should make your jealousy null.

    Also apologize and tell her how you feel.

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    Everyone is a little jealous at sometimes. If you think she is interested in these other guys, she probably isn't. This is probably her way of telling you that she is getting bored in your relationship. This is her way of telling you "look at these other guys who were flirting with ME." She wants you to notice that she is desirable to other guys and that you should appreciate her more. Then again, you guys are only 17 and she could just like the drama of having confrontation in your relationship.

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    I tend to be a very jelous person too,

    And I'm also very flirty but I think this might start crossing the line very soon

    If she seriously said she wasn't interested in them, maybe she just wanted them as friends but ... you know what happens when someone flirts with a "friend". One thing might lead to another.

    I suggest actually really talking it out with her and if she tries to get off the phone quick she actually might be guilty. So just kinda watch out and sleep with one eye open, fixed on her for a while. You might prove yourself wrong, but you might not. But if you trust her, trust she's loyal to you.

    Good lucky babe,

    <3 Janna

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    the two. you're jealous at this different woman because of the fact, you think of that she has greater to furnish because of the fact, she is youthful. And, your annoyed that your jerk off supposad boyfriend became cheating on you. Why are you attempting to get lower back at him inspite of the incontrovertible fact that? there is not any ingredient in that. as quickly as a cheater continuously a cheater. So he will probable cheat on right here and, I guess some thing truly nasty hapens to him too. Karma works.

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    You do know why you're jealous. You stated it above. You need to have something else on your mind. What do you like to do? What are you interested in? What can you become involved in and lose track of time? Do that also. You must keep developing you and your likes and dislikes. Stop focusing on this girl and making her your whole life. Why not start with how you view yourself and how you want 2B viewed.

    What do you have 2do 2project that image?

    Source(s): Never let your life revolve around one person. If things don't go your way you end up with nothing. Now we have an alcoholic or a druggie on our hands with suicidal tendancies.
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    In my opinion you shouldnt be questioning your relationship if its going good...she should also be telling you the whole truth and the reasons for putting those boys on her facebook..i know if she really wanted your relationship to continue and knew it made you made she would have deleted those guys off her friends list. to not make you more hurt you should give her 1 serious talk about how you feel and if things stay the same then i would consider dumping her...

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    She doesn't sound real interested in the way you feel. I would have a face to face chat with her when the two of you are alone and tell her about your discomforts. If she blows you off again, I think you have some decisions to make. Good luck.

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    Saying her phone died is suspicious.

    I think that she was flirting.

    She added them to her facebook means that she wants to remember them...or keep in touch.

    It seems that she's interested in hanging out with her friends and hooking up with guys....I would be worried and insecure too.

    Start looking around for a friend that's a female.

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    If you have been together that long and you still don't trust her or feel secure in the relationship, then maybe it is time yall had a talk about the relationship and where it is heading in the future.

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    1 decade ago

    it sounds like she's just out to have fun and she doesn't deserve you.

    i would go find someone better, trust me there are some of us good girls out there.

    and come on if her phone died she could charge it, and can't you call past 9 for free? if not then what's 10 minutes on the phone to check up on you? its worth 20 cents a minute..

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