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what kind of small pet is safe and easy to take care of??



Update 2:

and why do i need to rats when i dont really even want, ONE??????????

Update 3:

ooooooo nice..a hamster have any ideas what i should name it ....??

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    The best small pet is a domestic rat! They are nothing like their wild cousins. I have had rats for 20 years. Very clean, highly intelligent and require minimal care. They are rather sociable so they definitely need you spend to some time with them. That being said, they certainly don't require tons of maintenance. No long walks, no vet visits. Once a week cage cleaning and daily feeding. In 20 years of keeping rats I have only been bitten once. They are very gentle. And lots of fun!

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    Gerbils,Green anoles,and Hermit crabs.I have owned all three.Probably the most fun one was my gerbil.All you have to do is change their wood shavings once in a while,feed them,and give em a lil excercise.I said the hell with the wheel and bought mine a small hamster ball.he loved running around the house in it.For housing they just need a decent sized cage or tank,and some wood or cardboard to keep their teeth from getting to big(I bought mine a 20 gallon tank with screened top.)They don't smell at all,unlike most other rodent pets.And you can feed them a lot of different things.pretty much any kind of nut or seed they'll eat.Mine preferred sunflower seeds.If you take good care of them they will last a while.average life span is between 2 and 4 years I think.Mine lasted 6 and a half.Make sure you get a male though.females can be pregnat when you buy them and the babies create a myriad of problems that have no easy solution.And as always make sure you buy from a good petstore.I tend to avoid large chains and go to private owned pet stores.

    Source(s): Owned 2 cats,2 dogs,6 anoles, 2 gerbils(8 including the babies that didn't make it)1 hermit crab,8 fish.
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    i think the best small pet would be a hamster, i had one a while ago and he was the best. im definetely gonna miss the little guy though. but all they're ever gonna need is food, water, some tunnels and a wheel. and maybe some wooden chew toys. hamsters only last for about 3-4 years though. if you dont want that you can try a gerbil, or maybe a hedgehog.

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    Rats are the best rodent to have. They're very social and smart. But make sure you get two.

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    they are very easy to take care of.

    or u could get a bunny

    they r reaaaaaaaaaaalllly cute!!!

    or a bird,i guess

    and turtles

    or fish

    or snails(ew)

    or an elephant! lol

    Source(s): experience except the bird and the elephant
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    Hamster they sleep most of the day, don't eat much, and are fun...

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    if you love them it's easy to take care of them if you don't love them you don't want to take care of them I like small dogs with furs and cat.

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    fish, deffinatly!!

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