cant beat elite 4 in pokemon pearl!!??

i beat the last person in the elite four, but i didnt know there was a champion!! these are my pokemon ( be honest, i know they need training):

1) Empoleon - Lv. 70

2) Palkia - Lv. 49

3) Machoke - Lv. 45

4) Gastrodon - Lv. 44

5) Floatzel - Lv. 42

6) Glameow - Lv. 40

How can i raise levels easily? can i buy elixers anywhere?? help

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    You can not buy Elixers. Leppa Berries (No 7 on the Berry list) restore 10PP and Take approximately a day to get more. After several Days you can get enough to cover your party.

    I can imagine when your Empoleon and Palkia goes down Cynthia trashes your party. You should get your Machoke, Gastrodon, Floatzel and Glameow around Level 50 or higher, to make them last Longer. Several players recommend that you get close to Lv 60 before you attempt the Challenge. I won at L49-52 but then I did prepare for it and I just won by whisker, with out any Ledgendary.

    Train you Pokémon as you walk to each Berry patch, as you can't fly to every one, Also Victory Road offers Lots of Xp.

    Source(s): Pokémon Diamond
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    Don't listen to that first guy! Lucario is NOT weak to Dragon.

    You definitely need to get to at least level 60. I don't know why people raise one Pokemon higher than all the others. That's how uneven teams and bad strategies are formed.

    OK, first off, the Pokemon in your team are all basically attackers. Your Glameow's not even a Purugly! What the hell? Get that thing up, make it an annoyer with Attract and moves like that. You could get a Ghost on your team. That'd work.

    Get a Fire attack on one of those monsters. Palkia's all right, but I don't like using Legendaries, personally.

    Train on Victory Road. A lot. It takes time and it's annoying and it's why a lot of people give up. Don't forget about that Versus Seeker.

    You cannot buy elixers, and that has nothing to do with raising levels. If you're using moves with 5 PP you need to stop.

    Get a Flying on your team too. Choose Gastrodon or Floatzel, not both.

    You have too many Water Pokemon! You have four! That's ridiculous. And get a friend to evolve your Machoke into Machamp. Machamp is actually really good. Give it Earthquake.

    You should get an Electric Pokemon to cover Water types, especially that stupid Milotic. I hate Milotic so much. You could use a Grass, but those are kind of weak, unless you can get a Vileplume with Aromatherapy, which is a move that heals all status problems from your team.

    Get some Ice moves for the Garchomp.

    It's interesting that you don't have a Psychic Pokemon or even a Dark one. Dark/Psychic/Ghost (one of those types; whichever you choose should have a move to fight off its weaknesses, as all Pokemon should) Steel, and Electric Pokemon can do wonders for a team.

    Do not underestimate a Vespiquen on your team. Hard to get, but worth it. If you Honey a tree and find a Combee, keep restarting until it's a female.

    Try a Magneton or Magnezone, if you can get one. Oh! Bronzong will do great for that purpose too, especially since it's only got one weakness, Fire.

    I would say to get a Ground Pokemon, but if your Machamp has Earthquake, it's all good.

    I wouldn't say to get a Fire Pokemon as they kind of suck. Except Charizard. I love my Charizard to death.

    All in all, this team needs a complete overhaul.

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    Try raising Palkia to Lv. 56 or even Lv. 60 for your Palkia to learn Earth Power, make Gastrodon to Lv. 54 to learn Recover. Try training other Poke'mon because you have several water types, add a fire type and a flying type. Add a Rock poke'mon as well or even an electric type.

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    Well, try leveling up your Palkia to around level 55 it will help you ALOT against the Champion since Garchomp and Lucario are week to Dragon. If not then try leveling all of them to 50.

    I beat them with only 3 pokemon, other 3 were just "dummy's" for Revives and Hyper potions. If you need any help I can donate pokemon to you. Just send me a message. :)

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    1 decade ago

    yea um i just beat the champion today and it was pretty hard, when i was beating the champion the level of my pokemon were....

    infernape level=54 closecombat firespin

    rock smash return

    uxie=52 extrasensory toxic

    hidden power chargebeam

    luxray=57 thunder fang discharge

    crunch strength

    empoleon=61 cut waterfall

    rockclimb surf

    staraptor=62 bravebird closecombat

    fly wing attack

    dialga=67 earthpower ancient power dragonclaw roar of time

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    1 decade ago

    actually your team was better than mine when I fought them. the way I beat them with a lvl 50 team was I bought around 30 revives. lol I got pretty pissed of when I kept losing.

    you cant buy elixers anywhere, you just find them :(

    and you can train very easill in victory road. just use VS seeker.

  • 5 years ago

    To get into the Snowpoint Temple to catch Regigigas, you have to have the three Regis, Regice, Regirock, and Registeel in your party at the time, and then try to go inside, you'll get stopped, but then the Gym Leader will come and let you in.

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    id suggest raising your pokemon all to level 60 your relling on one pokemon too much just put one exp on the training pokemon and train in victory road

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