What is "Space Dyeing"??? This pertains to wool dyeing.?

This pertains to wool dyeing.

I am a bit confused. I have been told two TOTALLY different things, one being that "space dyeing" is dipping different sections of the rovings in different dyes, the other being that "space dyeing" is when you put the roving in 4 (or how ever many) pots or jars near each other then let them simmer. Which is it? Or maybe I am just more blond than I thought, lol!

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    You can space dye both roving and yarn. Space-dyeing roving is for people who spin and want very specific color repeats as they are spinning the roving into yarn. One way to do that is do put the lengths of roving in different pots. Another way is do dye each long section one at a time.

    Space-dyeing yarn gives you calculated repeats of color in the yarn. Yarn that are space-dyed are often also called self-striping yarn because you get distinct horizontal stripes when you knit, such as in a striped sock. Space-dyeing at home can be down with the help of a warping board, or you can wrap large (long) lengths of yarn around some chairs around your home and split and dye those in sections accrodingly. Variegated and other hand-painted yarns differ from space-dyed yarns in that the color sections are smaller and they will no likely repeat into a self-striping effect, unless you are knitting a very narrow item.

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    Check out the link below. It's too detailed for me to explain it here. Have fun creating!!

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