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About Wimbledon Tennis 2007 - After thought?

Hi there, as you know it, the two weeks of Wimbledon Tennis 2007 came and gone, time seems to just fly by. During the tennis competition, I've noticed that some questions were being asked, such as: "Who's the prettiest lady tennis player? Ana Ivanovic or Maria Sharapova?" Well, personally, I would say Maria is. But seriously speaking and being fair, this answer should not be judged by a few people. Somebody has to come up with a reality website where tennis fans can vote for the "Next most beautiful lady tennis idol". Where on the Internet can we find such a reputable website ? I mean a website where we can vote for our next lady Tennis Idol, as respectable as the American Idol webpage? Any comments or feedbacks are very welcome!

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    I believe that Wimbledon will be remembered as the year Roger tied the record. It will be rememebered as the year Venus won her 4th. It will be remembered as the year Marion Bartoli made it to the finals. This year was awesome.

    I do believe that the hot questions were kind of out of line. I did not really like those kinds of questions. I did answer a few for the heck of it. I really think that tennis is just more than that.

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    It was a fast 2 weeks, I could do without prettiest stuff.

    Men's final terrific and props to Venus lowest seed to win..

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    hmm that's funny. i usually watch tennis for the... tennis

  • 1 decade ago mad that andy roddick didnt make it to the semifinal

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