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Were you so obsessed with trains as a child that you wanted to call the railroad to ask for the schedule?

I tried calling the Santa Fe railroad one time to ask what time the trains would pass by my town. Now that we have New Mexico RailRunner a commuter train that takes people into Albuquerque from the surrounding towns I know what time a train will pass through here for sure.

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    nah, never that obsessed

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    When I was little we use to live in Mexico and my mom use to take me to one of the rail yards in the town we lived in so I could watch all the trains and sometimes we would wait hours by a railroad crossing just so that I could see a train go by unfortunately in 1996 when the Mexican railroad became privatized they decided to take this route off so no more trains showed up in our town

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    No but then my Dad was an engineer so I knew pretty much when something would be happening. Was a huge thrill to be able to go down to the yard as a little guy and climb up in the cab with him.

  • 1 decade ago

    Not that obsessed, but I miss the Steam Engines. I loved them as a kid.

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