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My dog whines...and wont stop?

I think its just something hes grown up with but he whistles ans makes a little whining noise out of his nose, when hes walking, at home, when i pet him. Its really quite do i stop it and can i? what might be the reason hes doing this.

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    If he is an older dog, he could have arthritis and be in pain.

    But if he is younger than 5 years and he has been doing this for a while, then it may be an unconscious noise. If he is not in pain or some discomfort, and it is not related to an allergy, then it may be something learned....

    If it is only a learned response, you can try "unteaching" him. Everytime he whistles (?), stop what you are doing - stop petting or stop walking - until he stops whistling, then praise him when he stops. And see what happens...

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    There is a couple of reasons that your dog might be whining. He could miss his mom or dad, he might just be lonely. You could get him a toy that looks like an animal to play with. I got my dog an alligator and he never goes away from it.

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    Take the dog to the vet. It might be arthritis(if the dog is older), or it might be because he just wants more attention.

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    I would have the vet check for any abnormalties in his nasal cavities. If he is breathing hard he may have a heart/lung problem that should be checked out.

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    Have you had him checked by a vet? maybe something is hurting him when he walks....

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    I would call your vet and ask them about it. In people it could be allergies or congestion.

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    have a vet check him and make sure he is not in pain!

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    yeh man poor litle dawg, get it to a vet :(.

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