Why did I faint?

I was out to dinner with my family last night, had two drinks with dinner, and went outside of the retaurant to smoke a cigarette. I put out my cigarette and stood with my family for a moment, and before I knew it , I fainted! I was out cold, and collapsed on the ground. It's a good thing my mom was holding on to me or I would have hit my head. I woke up for a brief minute and vomitted. On the ride home, i still felt extremely dizzy and lethargic. I remained tired for a few hours after that. (I wasn't drunk and I'm not pregnant) I feel fine today. Any ideas on what could have happened to me?


My blood pressure is almost always normal. If not, it tends to be low. I had a head injury 11 years ago from a car accident which would not apply here. I had an MRI on my entire head last year because I had facial paralysis for 2 months. Everything came back normal, and the paralysis dissapeared. I am 33 years old.

What is transient ischaemic attack?

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    There are a lot of really going possibilities mentioned in the other answers . . . head injuries, diabetes, epilepsy. . . but, I'm going to go with those who suggest a blood-pressure issue.

    Smoking and alcohol both alter your blood pressure, a change in the environment from being inside to being outside (temperature change, air quality change) could also mess with your blood pressure . . . it would explain the lethargia and dizziness. . . if our blood-pressure is out of whack, it can throw everything off.

    There's also another possibility. Smoking and alcohol can modify the heart rate -- that, with the moving around to get up, wiggle in and out of the aisles to get outside could have raised your heart rate. The higher the heart rate, the greater the risk of arrythmias. You could have experienced one of a number of cardiac arrhythmias (some of which are common and benign, and others which are uncommon and dangerous).

    Monitor the way you feel and your heart-rate for the next several days. When you're doing things that are particularly strenuous such as bringing groceries in, cleaning house, or going up and down stairs, stop and focus on your heart, and how it's beating.

    When I had my first PVC (which is an abnormal heart beat, that's most often harmless) I passed out . . . I was at work, in the dining room. I turned around to ask for something from the kitchen -- I got dizzy, sweaty, and down I went. I woke up about 3 minutes later, feeling like somebody had worked me over with a crow-bar.

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    Have you had any type head injury recently? Do you have high blood pressure? There just isn't enough information to begin to even think about what might have happened, but even with more info. this type thing can't be diagnosed over the internet. Anytime you lose conscientiousness, then wake up and vomit...you need to be seen by a doctor ASAP.

    ETA: A transient ischaemic attack (TIA) or 'mini stroke' is often a warning signal of an impending stroke. Pieces of fat or blood clots can block an artery leading to the brain. When this happens, a part of the brain does not get enough oxygen and the symptoms of a TIA appear. With a TIA, the artery is only blocked a short time. With a stroke, the blockage lasts much longer, causing brain damage.


    High blood pressure, diabetes, excess weight, high amounts of fat in the blood (cholesterol), and smoking.


    Appear suddenly, last less than 24 hours, and go away completely. Typical signs include seeing double, loss of vision, fainting or dizziness, a weak or numb feeling on one side of the face or body, or trouble swallowing or speaking.

    Source(s): Paramedic/Nurse
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    the fainting part of your question is common . a huge % of people will faint once or twice in there life time with no further troubles and no need for treatment.

    the vomitting and feeling tired afterward suggest you may be in need of some testing by the doctors.

    for the time being i suggest you just dont drive and instead of having baths have a shower leave the bathroom door unlocked and inform someone in your home your having a shower and that they should at least knock on the door to see if all is well . i suggest you do this for a month or so . if after a month you dont faint again then go back to your normal routine. if you do faint again you should inform your doctor about this matter.

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    You need investigations, it sounds like transient ischaemic attack. Take it seriously. And no drinking/smoking for the time being. Good luck!

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    It sounds like an electric shock or some sort of a epileptic fit, the symptoms after your fainting spell seems similar to an epileptic fit or an electric shock. Go consult a neurologist.

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    if thats a first time you mite wanna take this seriously dont smoke or drink anymore or someone could of slipped something in ur drink

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    i suggest a blood test ,just to make sure nothing is wrong with u

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    does this happen often................... your blood pressure must have taken a dive (dropped) somehow causing you to faint. if this happens again, go to the doctor

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    diabeties or someone put something in your drink

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    because you did

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