Black music videos and Black entertainment destroying and further deteriorating the black community?

Music video after music video showing the exact same things:

1. Make the money no matter what the cost.

2. Beat up or shoot anyone that gets in your way

3. Buy the most expensive cars and bling bling.

4. Women (Specially black women) are hoes and need to bounce their booties all around.

5. Drugs are ok... Actually drugs can be a great way to achieve your dreams.

These are examples of the message entertainers send out. This is how the world sees the black community.

Young black people are using these rapers and their lifestyle as role-models to emulate. Movies are giving the same message ie. "Get Rich or Die Trying".

Being such an impact as it is, the black entertainment industry owns the black community, not only for making them what they are but for all the negative effect they've had on their own community. Don't they know what they are doing? They have to. Do they care? Should we support this? Your thoughts.


Leroy Washington... It's people like you that would rather blame white people for all your problems then accept responsibility that are the problem with the black community. P.S. Learn to spell and type before typing any more of your racist garbage.

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    1 decade ago
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    They are the real sell outs.

    I didn't support it and I dint allow it in my house.

    We cant blame anyone but ourselves, I'm sick and tired of people blaming it on the music industry and the record execs. That's like people blaming McDonald's for their kids being fat azzes. Block it from your home! Don't let your kids watch it! Introduce them to REAL music. Culture them. I hear time and time again. A parent says that they need to expose their kids to this (c)rap because they need to see whats out there. Well I say, bullsht that's whats wrong with black people today, we're an embarrassment! Cant blame it on ANYONE anymore. Our grandparents, and great grandparents are rolling in their graves at what has become of black America, they fought for this?? sad sad sad.

    All the people who say, turn the TV off. Youre stupid and youre an IDIOT. That is not going to help the problem because obviously, people like you are STILL watching it and SELLING your black a55es out just to make a quick dollar. Music whores.

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    1 decade ago

    Me and my friends were just talking about this. It is truly sad because most people don't even see any of this as being wrong and the ones that do almost never stand up against what is going on in the media. The media is a very powerful force in this world. They can tell us just about anything and we will believe it. And the worst part about it is that it is increasingly hard not to support it. I mean you see it everywhere. Pick up a magazine and there plastered on the cover is a world of "ghettofabolous" proportions. I just wish the younger generation could see what you have seen and that they could learn how to become a generation that does not fall victim what the media is constantly showing them.

  • Excellent question, I'm giving you a star, everything you said is completely true. Speaking as a black person still living in the hood, I can attest to the numerous young people so caught up in this theory of "hustlin", and "ballin", and making money any way one can (even if it means polluting your own community with drugs). I see so many young, intelligent, talented black men completely throw away their lives all for achieving this standard of high living perpetuated by rap videos.

    Once again, great question, It's nice to see that someone still cares about the black community and what direction it is headed in.

  • I definently agree. Most of these rappers are ignorant because they obviously lack morals, which takes us back to number one on your list. Beautifully put! Its just sad that more people don’t know better like you and I ;)

    P.s. Ignore the stupid's a matter of ignorance, pure ignorance. Don’t always expect people on here to be as smart as you are, not that everyone is stupid but it takes a really smart person beyond the norm who isn’t caught up in the media and societal brainwashing to present a discussion like you just have.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Some rap music is uplifting. One of my fav rappers is Common. The ones you're talking abt are very degrading & I don't listen or watch those videos. I don't watch BET either.

    Unfortunately if they put more uplifting & educational programs on BET it would not get the same ratings it prob gets now. This is part of the problem

    We need to work on a solution.

  • 1 decade ago

    that has changed some. when was the last time when you seen someone get shot in a music video? i mean there are black women in videos but i don't think it's as bad as it used to be. i mean give black people some credit. not saying some things need to be changed but i'm so tired of hearing about this topic. we have singers and rappers out there that don't curse a lot or degrade women. so instead of looking at the negative and tearing each other down let's look at the positive.

  • 1 decade ago

    After the Nelly video (u know the one i'm talking about ) I stopped putting money in these rappers music.You have some positive rappers out there like Common, Talib Kwlei and Mos Def but they dont get no exposure because all BET shows are vieos of girls shaking their behinds and showing off their boobs in tight clothing.It is very disturbing indeed.

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    1 decade ago

    Excellent post, you come off very intelligent. I agree with you totally. I also think garbage daytime TV like Maury Povich "who my baby daddy" reinforces a negative stereotype. Its too bad if someone tries to go against this though, they'll be labeled as "acting white"...

    And non-blacks who should *know* better, will continue to believe thats how all blacks act and talk if this continues...

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    1 decade ago

    They don't care.

    It's a cultural thing.

    No, they don't know what they are doing.

    [Kinda sad, but at least the smart ones will figure out WTF is up with all the bad stuff they're being fed through marketing and the television]

    No, we shouldn't support this, but if anyone comes out and says they don't support this, they will come off as an extremist christian, a fundi, an uptight, rich white man/woman or worst yet, RACIST.

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