I have a dell desktop computer but I want a new case for it. And I was going to switch every out.?

But I dont have a ATX mother board. But those cases look cool. Thtas why I asked if I I have to have a ATX mother board to switch evey thin out. Or can I take every thing out of my old one and put it in to a new cool one like an ATX case?? Every place I went to sells ATX cases but I dont have A ATX mother board..

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    Forget it. That power button on the front of the case is proprietary. I tried that a few years ago. :)

    V V Yes the board will fit but the new cases power button doesn't work with Dell mobo's.

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    This question is a bit difficult to understand, so let me reiterate to make sure I have the facts.

    You have a Dell computer that you would like to put into a different case, but there is some issue with the motherboard.

    The Dell computer, if a late model, should have an ATX motherboard. If it does not, you are not going to put it in an ATX case. You might put it in a nice AT case, if you can find one anymore, but not an ATX.

    If your Dell does not already have an ATX motherboard, you cannot just replace the AT with an ATX, even in a new case.

    It can possibly be done, but it is tech drawn out with drivers, memory compatibility issues, as well as processor compatibility issues, not to mention drives and software validation issues.

    I hope this helps

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    I am not a computer expert, just an ordinary guy. I had the same problem with my Dell Inspiron 530 and fixed it today via Dell Technical Support. The solution was to remove and re seat the memory. Yep, I thought they were full of it but it worked! Shut the pc off and remove the power plug from the back. Push the on/off button several times to discharge the unit. Remove 2 thumb screws from back left side (viewing from front) Slide the panel back about 1 inch and it comes loose. Easiest to now lay the computer on right side with open side up. If you don't know what memory looks like maybe get someone to help. The sticks ( 4 slots available) have a little clip at each end that has to be pushed down to release. Pulling the stick just slightly from 1 end first to get it loose seems to work well. They told me to just put 1 back in but I did both and it worked. The reason for just 1 I think is to determine if 1 is bad. Push sticks (or stick) firmly back into the slot the same way they came out. I fired it up before putting it back together and it worked fine. Maybe this will help as it did me. I can't imagine it can hurt anything but as I said I am no expert so remember that if you choose to follow my advice. Good luck!

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    You can do it. :) If you don't have an ATX motherboard, then you can get one with the case, look at tigerdirect.com or outpost.com for deals with cases and motherboards (they are usually called barebones or bundles).

    If you have an ATX motherboard already, then all you need to do is trace the wiring back from your power button of your existing case so you know which pins to plug it into. To this for all the plug on your motherboard. I usually sketch this out. Then RTFM (read the f***ing manual) for the new motherboard and match up the wiring for the new case with the existing motherboard. This may be a little tricky because the labels maybe be slightly different, but its not overaly complicated.

    I've done this several times, set aside an hour or so, and you can have your motherboard in a new case and up and working. The biggest thing to remember is go to your local computer store and pick up motherboard standoffs (they may be called motherboard spacers, or several other names). Basically these little screws keep your motherboard from touching the case, thereby shorting a portion of the motherboard out (depending on which part touches the case).

    Another piece of advice, make sure your ground yourself before you remove your motherboard. Either touch a metal object to dispense any static electricity, or wear a grounding strap (you can get these at computer stores too). Hope this helps.

    Source(s): 12 years building computers.
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    Is the spot where you plug in your mouse and keyboard small and green and purple? If it is then you have an ATX motherboard, you might have a micro ATX or something else but its still ATX. So an ATX case will work. But I would listen to the first answer about the power button.

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    You probably have an atx motherboard. Even if it is micro atx or anything atx it will fit

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    its ok more than lot of ATX cases support micro atx too so you can get pretty much any case you want here's some i'd recommend thats not that expensive

    coolmaster centurion 5

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N8... $50

    it supports both micro and atx cases plus for its price its got good cooling its got two fans and a clear side window so you can add fans with neon to make the case light up if your intrested pick out one of each size according to colors you like and if you need help with tutorials use the one i gave you that tells you how to put a motherboard in a case

    80mm http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Sub...

    120mm http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Sub...

    just one of each and there's lots of colors like green,red,blue and others you can stick with one color or mix and match if you don't live in the US and can't order from newegg you can easily find this stuff on other websites

    Source(s): spent years in the pc hardware forums at gamespot
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