What should I wear with this skirt?

I bought this skirt a few months ago, but it's just been sitting around in my closet because I don't know what to wear with it!

Here's the skirt:


I was thinking of wearing it with this blouse: http://www2.jcpenney.com/jcp/Products.aspx?deptid=...

to wear to a friend's wedding in August (it's a late afternoon wedding)

What do you think of this outfit, and do you have any better suggestions?


I wouldn't necessarily choose the lavender color for the blouse... there are several color choices. But that's the only full pic of the blouse on the website :)

Update 2:

For those of you who were wondering, the skirt came from The Gap.

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    I think this look is totally classy and subdued, perfect for a summer wedding. Silver or black jewelry would look great, with a simple hairstyle and classic shoes.

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    I like both pieces separate, but not together. The skirt looks very fun, while the shirt looks "stiffer" and more professional. The shirt looks like it should be worn with black pants or a black skirt.

    For a shirt, color wise I think a pinkish rose would look great. Or a white cami with the pink rose color cardigan, depending if you get cold easily. Silver jewelry and some grey metallic shoes with maybe a little heel would tie the outfit together perfectly.

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    That skirt is MAJORLY cute. And should be the focal point of the outfit. To me, I think the shirt will be a bit much, and would be battling focal points (which is NEVER a good thing). I think it would look good with a simple, elegant black top. Such as this (but as a shirt): http://www.velvetgarden.net/images/photos/20060518...

    I think, though, that it would be better, not as satin (but an elegant fabric none the less), and with short sleeves. If you can find ANYTHING like that, I think it would look great. And for jewelry, pearls or silver jewelry.

    Good luck!

    And where did you get that skirt, it's awfully cute. =)

    Source(s): Just throwing out ideas I think would look good.
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    Bigger skirts should usually be offset with closer fitting shirts. I like the skirt but not so much with the shirt. I think it's the gathering at the chest that I don't like. The top looks like you are going to work and the skirt looks a little fancier. How about a nice black or lavender, sleeveless top with a great chunky necklace or a pair of pearls, depending on your style.

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    Don't wear it with that blouse, the lavender and grey are both dull, muted colours and they will look strange together.

    I think you should wear it with a white singlet-type top, but a nice one, and if you can find something like it a light pink cardigan would be totally cute.

    You could also wear a light pink top with a nice black jacket over it.

    I like pink and the soft grey together, pink is a nice warm colour that looks great with grey, and black and white go with most things.

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    that skirt is soo cute! :]

    it totally depends on what look you're going for, but i would wear it with a babydoll cami or tank top(because I like looking pretty) with sandals/flats/heels. (and a light cardigan, if it's cold)

    in my opinion, the shirt makes the outfit a bit boxy and plain, especially because the skirt is so long.

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    Well... I think that you should wear a simple lacey cami with it. You could go with white or that purple color with it. I think that that blouse you suggested will take the "Umph" from the skirt.

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    1 decade ago

    Fist of all I love the outfit. I'd wear it with a nice baby doll, black pumps, sheer hosiery (maybe tan, or even lavender), and some black jewelry.

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    1 decade ago

    that outfit mite b cute, i personally woudn't wear it, but it might work on you! I would probably wear a sundress if the weather is good, but bring a cute little cardigan to throw over it if gets chilly later on!

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    I'd wear it if the blouse was a dark gray or black, not purple.

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