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is any one home schooled or was home schooled at one time?

and do you think it's fun or boring

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    My kids are homeschooled. Most of the time they think it's fun--because most of their time is spent pursuing their own interests. Actual academic work required takes up so little time (because I'm not having to make sure 30 kids understand!) that they've got a lot of free time. Plus we do a lot of activities outside the house and I try to come up with work ideas that are interesting and keep them interested. (My kids are 6 and 9.)

    I know high school teens who are homeschooling who have to, naturally, spend a lot more time on academics. The academics aren't necessarily fun (just as they aren't necessarily fun in school, either), but they still get all their work done in less time than if they were in school all day and having to do homework in the evening. They've got more time to do what interests them and it makes it worthwhile.

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    I homeschool my daughter and she loves it. We have attempted the Public school and even tried the Private school route but her medical issues get in the way. She is in no way deprived of Social Interaction and does more things than I did at her age in school. This is a child who is 9yrs old and is intent on becomeing a Palentologist when she gets older (get her started on Dinosaurs and I hope you were planning on staying a LONG while).

    Homeschool is what you make of it. There are some who use homeschool as an excuse to be lazy or fill someones head with hateful and useless things, but that is not the MAJORITY. There are people who claim that the Parents who homeschool either A) are trying to shield their child(ren) from the real world B) are religious fanatics C) are lazy and support truancy D) so rich that they can buy whatever curriculum they want.

    Truth be told--only about 15% fall into one of those above catagories. Most parents just want the best possible education with the least amount of drama. Most families sacrifice the luxury of having 2 incomes and the parent who stops working is the parent who controls the majority of the learning process, while at the same time learning to stretch the almighty dollar to make sure that EVERYTHING is paid for (this is even harder to do when you have multiple children at different grade levels). So you have a choice, pay $300-500 for that wonderful little program that will only last ONE child for ONE year or find a cheaper better program that will last longer and cover more children and use the extra money for things like say FOOD.

    I am one of those parents who gave up my career and put my life on hold and while we may not be Rich in the pocketbook---I feel that I am the RICHEST person there is because my little girl is the Banker and she is the greatest thing I could ever invest in.

    Source(s): Ex-Preschool Teacher now a homeschool mom of 4 yrs with no regrets.
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    I've been home schooled since the 2nd grade, and I'm going to be honest, it totally rocks! It doesn't take all day like public school because you don't have the whole class to wait on. If I have a lot of school work I get done in about 2 hours & 30 minutes. Plus it gives you soooo many options, you can take classes, anything! If you want to study the Celts or anyone, or anything else for history, you do it! I studied the Celts, and the Irish, last year. Or if you need extra practice with something in math, or whatever you take it, and if you're breezing through another lesson you can skip ahead to the next thing. If you need to go somewhere you don't have to have an exscuse note. Home schooling gives you a lot of freedom, and it's really cool! Hope this helps, lol!


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    I was home schooled for several years and have mixed feelings. It was sometimes lonely being at home with just my sister and mother, but we joined a homeschooling group in our area and that really helped. The group would get together for Field trips and special events, as well as for state required testing. On the down side you don't get the socialization of a public school but in someways that's not so bad. If you're thinking of home school I would definitely find out if there is a group in your area so you'll still have the interaction with other kids. Also you have to be determined to stay on a lesson plan and do your work every school day or you could fall behind.

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    Oh I thought it was tons of fun! We used a computerized program (Alpha and Omega's SwitchedOn Schoolhouse -aka SOS), so all I had to do in the morning was get up, walk about 3 feet to my computer, and turn it on. I would take a break every hour or so for about 5 minutes, then get back to work. Then there was all that free time! WOOT! lol. I got to be on a bowling league, played on the sports teams at my church's school... Plus NO HOMEWORK! lol... Well, kinda...

    I'd definitely say that if you don't like going to school, try Alpha and Omega's SOS program. (It is a Christian-based program, BTW. But it's still good.)

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    I was homeschooled 11th and 12th grade and enjoyed it more than public. I have tried both public and homeschool with my daughter. She gets board in public school and has learned to manipulate the adults around her. I had to explain how she was caught in one of her little schemes because of a paper trail. She is 7. She does well in homeschool and we do many outings. We go on a field trip once a week and for a whole day we can explore history, nature, etc... .

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    hello, jl,

    i was homeschooled all my life, from K1 to grade 12. it has been 4 years since my graduation and i'm at work right now :D truthfully homeschooling has been loads of fun--so fun that i have numerous wonderful memories that i will keep with me for life!!! i know a lot of families who homeschool too and my siblings are also homeschooled/are still homeschooling. i studied under A Beka and if you want to homeschool, i'ld suggest using it--it's DVD based and includes textbooks and curriculums.

    anyway, i don't know whether you're interested or whether you just need to know that you aren't the only one doing homeschool, but i assure you that if you're happy with where you are and what you're doing, you'll stay that way :D and i hope you stay happy and don't worry too much, k? good luck :)

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    My 12 year old hates it because I challenge him and he wants to do easy work! He does like not having to get up early and sit in boring teachers classes though. He started back in public school for the last 2 months of his 6th grade year and is going to start 7th in a month at public school.

    My 9 year old loves it and never wants to go back to public school! She likes being able to follow her interests and wrap her schooling around those interests.

    Source(s): homeschooling mom 2 1/2 years
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    I found it good. My mother homeschooled me in touch typing at the age of 7 and it got me an A in 8th grade typing 1.

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    I am doing homeschooling (unschooling) really cuz i teach myself since march

    Id be going into my junior year

    Homeschooling is fun if you do it right, you get freedom to pursue whatever really interests you and there are no bounds.


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