What is the best art college to attend in california?

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    For commercial art -- The Art Center School of Design in Pasadena. Ask any commercial artist. It is well known for graphic and commercial arts.

    Art Center ranked No. 1 in America’s Best Industrial Design Schools study by DesignIntelligence

    A study (published November 2005), conducted by DesignIntelligence, found that Art Center ranks No. 1 overall in both its undergraduate and graduate programs among all industrial design schools in the United States. Regionally, industrial design schools were ranked according to each of the four regions, indicating how employers in each region rank all schools. Art Center ranked among the top three in all regions for both undergraduate and graduate education. Art Center also ranked first in “Design, Creativity, Problem Solving” and “Studio Skills.”

    Top 3 Industrial Design Schools


    1. Art Center College of Design

    2. University of Cincinnati

    3. Pratt Institute


    1. Art Center College of Design

    2. Pratt Institute

    3. Cranbrook Academy of Art

    My first boyfriend -- an amazing artist -- went there and landed a great job after graduation. You are right in the LA Basin so the job contacts are incomparable. It's expensive but worth it.

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    It depends on what art you want to do. USC is very good with musical arts, University of the Arts Institute in SF is very good with graphics and art design. Performing arts schools like Juliard have the best reputation in that field.

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    san francisco university of art is the BEST PLACE EVER! it's the best place ever. if u go there, you're sure to end up famous. lots of really good artist attend there cuz all the teachers are good. but i must say that they do have homework.

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