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Please help me about my parents!!?

My parents are still not contact to me for three years... When I moved with second husband out of state... I have no choice... I am changed new life with him.. He is very good to me and my four kids... How I should write letter to them that make them understand and move on accept and keep in touch... What I should say write letter to them... Make them wake up time... That s reason I moved here.. I dont want live there.. Becuz of ex my hubby there that s why... Best way keep away around him and his girlfriend... I dont want inolve any problem over over with him... That s reason many things...

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    Explain your situation; and express that you didn't move away from them and you know it caused them pain and you are apologizing. Better yet pick up the phone and tell them instead of writing. They aren't mad at you they just worry about you as any parent in the right mind would.

    good luch in your new life.

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    They won't respond to a letter.

    You might send a card, with your phone number and address, so you're sure they know where you are.

    Just phone them, say hello, say you love them.

    Don't expect anything from them.

    Leave it at that, and deal with your life as it is.

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    Write to them what is in your heart. Ask their forgiveness if you have hurt them. They should respond to you.

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