Are there anyways to deal with neck pains from reading a book?

I am rereading my two Harry Potter books #5&6 before the movie and last book respectively and my neck is killing me! Besides ice or a Tylenol does anyone have any ideas for my neck pain? I know with Deathly Hollows I will have it read in a day (taking breaks for the bathroom or a quick snack I did the same for books 5&6.) :-) Thanks

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    That happens to me all the time. I bought a neck pillow to help with that, or i stick a small balled up item under the small of my neck to keep it straight. If you just change your necks position for awhile it will go away. Probably by the morning unless you did real damage, although i doubt that. The longest my neck ever hurt was a couple weeks where i couldnt turn it to the side, which was really strange, but it will go away.

    I just finished re-reading harry potter 5 and 6 too! For whatever reason the first time i read book 6 i thought that snape was trying to protect malfoy when he killed dumbledore. Now that i read it again i want snape dead! There are two characters that are rumored to die in the 7th book and i hope it is Voldemort and Snape. That would be perfect... although im really worried that either ron or hermione would die. So stressful! I just ordered the book on amazon today and once i get it im locking myself in my house no phone no computer. I'm very stressed for harry!

    Source(s): Devoted Potter fan, and neck pain sufferer!
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    You have obviously strained your neck. You have to relax it first before you can continue reading. When we read books, we ought to be in a very good position; for example seated properly and the book that we read should be at least one and a half feet distance from our eyes. While reading, we also ought to move our head once in a while...not just to stay in one position... because this tighten our neck muscles that causes pain in the neck. Reading while lying down is not good.

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    A Listerine sweat. You soak paper towel in Listerine (yes the mouth wash) and wrap plastic wrap around it. The heat helps to penetrate and the menthol helps to soothe.\

    Try a different position reading. lay on your stomach so you are not constantly looking downward.

    Try biofreeze, it's awesome.

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    I'm so sorry your daughter goes by way of this. I recognise what it is like regardless that, and I broadly empathize. I went by way of anything equivalent eleven years in the past. I'm no longer as in poor health as I was now however nonetheless have persistent fatigue and fibromyalgia like signs. I understand how it's going from health care provider to health care provider and being permit down. A lot of what you describe, sounds very similar to what I went by way of. It's rough to not get depressed whilst you believe horrible and medical professionals can not determine what's fallacious. Please ensure the medical professionals do not intimidate you and positioned her on anti-depressants. They did that to me and it practically killed me. SSRI's are terrible medicines they usually simply break the frame and mind. You mentioned she's had a ct test. Of what? Has her mind been checked out? If no longer I advise you difference the neurologist and insist an MRI of her head as quickly as viable to rule out any tumors, M.S., Parkingson or equivalent illnesses. An Eeg could also be useful to verify for epilepsy. Checking for Lyme is a well inspiration additionally doing a significant research to verify for mercury poisoning (or different heavy metals) or chemical sensitivities is a shrewd factor to do as good. It would even be anything extra functional as Celiac Disease (hypersensitivity to wheat protein) or a thyroid situation. I recognise a satisfactory sanatorium in Dallas that does all types of trying out for environmental ailments if you're interested. With me practically all of my checks got here out ordinary (I have a mild mitral valve prolapse too) I discovered to do my possess study and uncover integrative scientific, holistic, conventional chinese language remedy doctors and a well nutritionist. It can get very costly. You must uncover the correct individuals however alongside the best way you can also uncover many that can not support. I was once identified with fibromyalgia however I recognise I am touchy to chemical substances and medicinal drugs. New carpeting is without doubt one of the matters that makes me very in poor health. You have to call for out of your medical professionals to do the correct trying out, do your possess study and be your daughters champion. Doctors consider they're gods however they make plenty of errors and with wellbeing care being as dangerous as it's now, they pass over plenty of matters. You have to uncover a compassionate health care provider who desires to uncover out what's fallacious. I desire you the entire first-rate however regularly an convenient to repair prognosis in your daughter. Let me recognise if I may also be of any support. Btw, her signs do not particularly sound like fibromyalgia until it is combined in with anything else like a sensitivity to anything.

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