i need help on this one please?

I'm in love with this kid, yet i have a boyfriend who i really like and we have our arguments and i feel the need to break up with him but i just cant do it..I'm two different people one when with each of them, but i just cant choose and i cant let either of them go..what should i do ?

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    arguments arnt good for any relationship but if your boyfriend is treatin you like crap break up wit him coz hes not good for u . u gotta ask urself do you really LOVE this kid and its not just a crush . but seriously if this guy is treatin u like crap dump him . also go wit the one that makes u feel happy hope this helps

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    let go of both of them. that way it seems like two losses (well it is) and you won't feel regret letting go of one of them when the other one could have been better

  • 1 decade ago

    i think u should breakup w/ ur boyfriend and ( dare i say it!) tell him u should be friends then get together w/ the other kid.

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