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When I type an im it does not show to the other person I;m talking to?

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    it happened to me & i wasn't able to see it .... it's a problem in the Windows Version ,,,, tell the one who cant see ur IM to >>> Setup a new Version of Windows ...

  • hutson
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    Tell the other person to do this:

    Sign out and close Yahoo! Messenger > open Internet Explorer > Click Tools > Internet Options > Security Tab > Under "Select a Zone to view or change security settings" click on the Internet icon (world globe) > Under "Security Level for this Zone" click "Custom Level" and the Settings window will open > scroll down to "Scripting" and make sure these items are Enabled, "Active scripting", (in Internet Explorer 6 "Allow paste operations via script"), (in Internet Explorer 7 "Allow Programmatic clipboard access"), and "Scripting of Java applets" > click OK > launch Yahoo! Messenger and sign in again.

  • Mcgoo
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    If you are using Window IE - check that your security settings are not shutting out the IM messages. ( if using Firefox, you still need to check inside IE as Firefox borrows the IE security settings.)

    Your IM program should be listed in your safe sites. (Tools, Internet Options, security, trusted sites - add the url from your IM program if it is not listed.)

    Your pop-up blockers should be set to allow from your IM

    ( look for a message at the top of your main window or a do not enter type symbol at the bottom of the main screen)

    Your virus scan program should be allowing your IM to reach the web. (If you told it to block the IM program when you installed the program, you will likely have to reinstall the IM program and say allow this time.)

    Check windows firewall and make sure the IM program is listed as being allowed to access the internet. If it is not, you are typing into a black hole as your firewall is swallowing your messages.

    Any one of these can stop your messages from getting through.

    Source(s): personal experience.
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