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How do I feed my camel shrimp?

I have a percula clownfish and a firefish in the tank. And I feed them frozen brine shrimp. I'm not sure if I'm scaring the camel shrimp or if he is just like... afraid of eating. I added them in yesterday if that will help.

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    He may not be eating yet because of the recent move. It sometimes takes me a weeks to see peppermint shrimp or pistol shimp eat when I add them to a tank. Since they are basically scavengers, yours will eat anything the fish miss overnight until he's ready to feed during the day. Be careful if you have a reef tank though - camel shrimp will pick at polyps and aren't really reef safe.

    Another thing you can try is the dry shrinp pellets - just drop one in the tank before you turn the lights out.

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    I don't think the camel shrimp can feel fear. Is it a camelback shrimp? It seems to like "vitamin enriched flakes, freeze dried krill, or live adult brine shrimp or nauplii." So not only would the brine shimp (not actually shrimp) not scare your camelback, it should be eating brine shrimp. Perhaps the species prefers live to frozen brine shrimp. Might try feeding it live brine shrimp.

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    yeah i though you were asking how you feed you camel ...shrimp :) but yeah a pet store or other fish people could help you ! try frozen shrimp

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    100% to copper

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    Oh, hahah, I thought at first you meant your camel.

    I was like, "Why would you do that?"

    I don't know, if you go to Petsmart, PetCo, or other stores, they will show you.

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