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Pokemon Diamond traded pokemon?

I recently restarted my game as did my friend and we helped each other in a way that both of us had all 3 starter pokemon as fast as we could. When my turtwig and chimchar got to lvl 11 (piplip was my original starter so he would listen) they wouldn't obey me so I got the coal badge and that did nothing. Does anyone have a guide that tell you what lvl traded pokemon can be commanded with a certain badge and when can I command them? I had also traded in a riolu murkrow and pikachu, same prob and that's my whole team so any advice?

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    Once u get the 2nd badge they obey u up to lvl 30, the 4th will let them obey u up to lvl 50, the 6th will make them obey up to lvl 70, Then finally when u get the 8th badge anyone will obey u. If i were u i would; 1 catch a starly, they r extremly useful in the first half, after that it learns really good moves, like brave bird on 49; or 2 raise your piplup into a prinplup so it will learn peck on 16, to beat the 2nd gym. be careful of how u raise the pokemon u get in trades. keep the traded pokemon below a lvl or 2, make sure your piplup is the most powerful, until u get 2 the 4th. You can raise them up how ever much you want. Good Luck

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    No offence, but that is sort of a stupid question. Pokemon Diamond and Platinum are both from the 4th Generation, so of course! I'm assuming your friend is using a Japanese Pokemon Platinum. Otherwise, your friend has a hacked game. If you want the Sky Forme of Shaymin, make sure it is holding the Glacedia flower, which is found in Floaroma Town in Platinum.

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    well i once traded for a ray quaza, and it HATED me! It would fall asleep in the middle of a battle. I gave it a little while of just fighting and winning and pretty soon every virtual evaluator in the game was saying "your pokemon really loves you!". Just give it time, it will learn to like you soon enough.

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