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need a san diego employment attorney that does not cost anything unless i win?

for the following case

1- employer would not allow me to take a lunch for 9months- have all the time cards to prove it

this started out as a 3 week temp assignment that eventually turned in to 9months and let go for no reason and recieved a reference letter from my manager

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    That shouldn't be too hard. Just pick up your phone book and call attorneys. Ask if they take Employment Law cases on a contingency fee basis. Most will give you a free 1st consultation. If they don't want to take your case on contingency, they'll send you a declination letter. BUT, time is of the essence and if you don't get moving you will lose your opportunity to file suit.

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    Most employment lawyers do not work on contingency. From what you have said so far, it doesn't add up to a case anyway.

    Take your lunch hour claim to the Wage and Hour board at the State of California.

    As for being let go--without an employment contract, you were probably an "at will" employee. Without proof of discrimination against you based on race, religion or gender, you probably have no case.

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    Call attorneys and ask, but I doubt any would take your case. A temporary assignment is just that, and yours actually went far beyond it's original time.

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    Were you paid for all hours you worked? You need to check with your state's labor board to determine whether or not your employer was in violation.

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    Open San Diego Yellow Pages. Call several attorneys and ask.

    Most of them give you free consultation.

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    Most lawyers will work on contingense. It will cost you 1 third of your settlement.

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    This is the right website for you. NO COST UNLESS YOU WIN. I tried it for my traffic ticket issue. This is really good.


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    At-Will state. You have no recourse. As for the lunches, if you weren;t physically restrained, you have no case there either.

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