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how do I get an appointment for a gynocologyst..?

with out going through my doctor. do I just ring up and ask? I'm 16 and I have an infection. Its not and std. Im from uk so it's on the nhs.


my regualar doctor doesn't care. his wife died 2 years ago and every time I have went he prescribes pain killers, I can get paracetamol over the counter.

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    this probably wont help you, but my mom used to just walk into an office, put in an appointment the next week. they should be in your phone book.

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    look up some gynecologist clinics in the phone book. find one you think you might like and call them up to make an appointment. you may also want to call planned parenthood and they can reccomend someone. ask your mom or another older gal that has been to one b4 and see wich one they like to go to. also, it is important to find one that your insurance will pay for

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    Why do you need to see a GYN? Your regular doctor can handle vaginal infections and other female problems. See your regular doc unless you don't trust your own doctor.

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    you can just walk in if you want to make appt just call the office

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