iPod earphones?

I have regular iPod earphones. They hurt my ears too much. They cost 30 bucks on Apple.com. Just now, I ordered iPd in-ear earphones for 40 bucks. those go all the way in yuor ear. do you think those will be more comfortable? also, do you think they will block outside sounds? the 100 dollar in-earphones do, but those are rip-offs. so do yuo think they be more comfy and block more outer sounds than regualr apple earphones?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    yes they are better and more comfortable but cost 10 bucks more

    they block a lot of outside sound but not loud ones like voices (though they are not as loud)

    be sure to turn the volume down when u use them because u will hear sounds much louder than before

    Source(s): ive used them
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