when will lost season three come out on dvd?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Not until December 11th, 2007.

    I netflixed the previous seasons, watched them in a hurry, and then last night I discovered that the third season hasn't been released yet.

  • rehkop
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    4 years ago

    area 2 and the whole season the two get released on comparable day in eire and that i think the united kingdom too. if previous years is something to pass via, the tip of october area a million would desire to be released (if no longer the two via then). and if basically area a million is then area 2 will probable be in jan 2008 i worked it out from this lost season a million complete in u . s . - twenty 5th would 2005 (eire and uk dvd launch dates) area a million - thirty first Oct 2005 area 2 - sixteenth Jan 2006 complete - sixteenth Jan 2006 season 2 complete in u . s . - 24 would 2006 area a million - seventeenth Jul 2006 area 2 - 2d Oct 2006 complete - 2d Oct 2006

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