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Want to stop bullfighting?

Do you want to help stop bull fighting. Barcelona has banned it, along with many other spanish cities. Here is an addresses. Write and make a difference.

Spanish Embassy

2375 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Washington, DC 20037



Despite such arguments, the popularity of bullfighting is clearly declining among Spaniards, 72 percent of who have no interest in the spectacle, up from 43 percent in 1971, according to a recent poll.

Among young people, the figure rose to 82 percent and among women to 78.5 percent. The typical bullfighting public now consists of elderly men.

Update 2:

Spain’s three hundred year love affair with bullfights is on the wane, none more so than in the country’s autonomous community of Catalonia, where the bloody spectacle could soon be banned. Later this month (June 22) politicians from the Catalan parliament are set to vote on changing their law on cruelty to animals that would abolish las corridas de toros in the autonomous community.

The campaign to ban bullfights in Catalonia has intensified in recent years. Barcelona declared itself anti-bullfighting in 2004 and another 22 Catalan municipalities have since followed suit. Last year, animal rights protesters handed over a half-a-million signed petition to the Catalan government calling for a ban. “I’m sure bullfighting will be banned in Catalonia quite soon,” said Manuel Cases, from ADDA, which is spearheading the campaign to have bullfights abolished.

In the weeks prior to the bullfight, the Defensa de la Fiesta had distributed 30,000 posters across Barcelona and towns in Catalo

Update 3:

Catalonia in a bid to get a decent turn out for the event (normally 2,000 flyers are printed for a bullfight). They also bussed in people from other parts of Spain and southern France to boost numbers but the plaza, which can seat about 17,000 people, still remained less than half full for the bullfight.

in recent years politicians have been slowly chipping away at the foundation of bullfighting activity in Catalonia - as well as banning children under 14 from bullfights, for the past eighteen years it has been illegal to build new bull rings in the autonomous community. Today, there are only three plazas de toros in Catalonia (compared to seven pre-1988), at Olot, Tarragona and Monumental.

It is likely that the ERC will have the support of the other main opposition group in the Catalan parliament – the Convergència i Unió (CiU) - and as the two parties form a majority in the parliament, they are likely to win any vote

Update 4:

Just because something is tradition or culture doesnt make it ok. Child slave labor is tradition and culture in some places. Does that make it ok.

Update 5:

I would like to comment on some of the replys I have received. #1) I do what I can in my country by voting and speaking out with whats wrong in America. My husband is in the military. If he has the chance to do the right thing, he does. As for someone suggesting the USA needs gun control. I completely disagree. Guns dont kill, people do. I have nothing against Sportsmanlike hunting. But what the do in the Bull fights is not sportsmanlike. Its cowardly. They cut the Bulls neck muscles so they cant hold their head up, and smear vasaline in their eyes, so they cant see well. Animals have no voice other than ours. Bullfighting has no place in our world today.

Update 6:

Oh, and Paul. Get a life. If I could stop the war, I would.

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    I live in Spain. I detest any kind of blood sports including bullfighting. Having said that, I'm a guest in this country and I wouldn't have the audacity to suggest they were in anyway wrong.

    If you are an American then there are many forms of hunting of animals in your country. Put your house in order first before making comments about another countries culture.

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    Lain has right, put your house in order before trying to attack others people culture. I´m from Spain, and I don´t like the bullfighting o corridas de toros, what u want call it, but i respect it, because is a tradition here since a long time. And probably bulls would be in danger of extinction without this fiesta, because the agriculture has improved mechanical methods, instead of using bulls for plowing lands

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    I live in Madrid, and although I detest bullfighting and do not support it in any way, I feel I do not have the right to say things against it as it is part of the Spanish culture. I do however, believe that it's losing it's attraction with many, and it will probably stop or be stopped in the future.

    I have visited a farm where the bulls who are bred to fight are kept, and I must admit they live a life of pure luxury up until their fateful day.

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    Barcelona Banned it because Catalonia wants to become independant from spain, and are really not like the rest of the spanairds in the sense that they don´t believe in bull fights etc.

    Its a cultural thing in Andalucia Madrid., & Pamplona for example. So good luck on you´re mission on banning it from every where else in Spain..

    Take care..

    Bcn_mimosa from Barcelona, Spain

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    I live in Barcelona and have been born in Spain's north west, and I assure your bull fighting is not popular in most of Spain, just in Vasc Country (not too much), Pamplona, Andalucía, Madrid, and some parts of Valencia. Meaning, it's no wonder it may be banned in Cataluña, because it just isn't popular, just as it isn't in Asturias, Galicia, Cantabria...But you cannot take it away from people from the South. I confess I don't like it at all, I think it's cruel and it makes no sense at all. But why don't you concentrate your efforts in banning weapons in your own country? Why don't you worry about prisioner being treated inhumanly in Guantánamo?

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    This is a complete waste of time!

    You have as much chance as banning baseball because it is the national sport of Cuba.

    The reasons that Barcelona has banned bullfighting is because, it is not part of the local culture, it does not pay, and the ban pisses off the 'immigrants'.

    Put your own house in order before trying to attack other peoples' cultures.

    Why Americans protect bulls and allow Iraqis to die in their thousands is beyond belief! Strange fruit?


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    If your figures are correct then I would imagine bullfighting will faze out without interference, I hate it but its their culture.

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    if you don't like it don't go.

    think about stopping war instead. it hurts more people and animals

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    Thanks for the information. I also detest bullfighting.

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