If you start dating after a breakup, is the person you date a rebound?

If not, then how is someone a rebound?

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    A rebound would be someone u dont realy have any interest in but they just fill the void that was left by your x. Or some1 your with just 2 aviod the pain of the break up or deal with your own issues.

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    They could be a rebound. They probably are a rebound, if you had some strong feelings in the relationship that just broke up.

    The danger of a rebound is that sometimes you become overly committed to someone, who may or may not be right for you, a little too quickly, to either get revenge on the lover who spurned you, or to subconciously show yourself that you're still attractive.

    A lot of times you end up getting really thick with your rebound, for a period of time, even if they aren't really right for you. And that's the danger of rebounding.

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    No, if you date too soon after a break-up, you are "on the rebound." No person is a rebound. If you are the one who broke up, and if you are not upset about it, you are probably ready to date again and then you are not on the rebound.

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    Not necessarily, i got w my bf the day after i broke up w my last bf and was never on the rebound. a rebound is a person who is looking to get w someone just to get the last person of his/her mind. someone who is hurt and wants to forget about the last person.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Someone is a rebound when you are still attached to the ex, maybe want to prove something to them or use someone new to forget them.

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    If you're only dating this person to heal your wounds-its a rebound.. if you REALLY do like the person for who they are, then it's not.

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    dude if you like her then go out with her . if your still not over your ex then its a rebound. im in the same situation myself. my gf broke up with me a month ago and im fixin to ask this one chick out because we both like eachother and im totally over my ex .

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    If you are confident you are over the Ex and you have had a little time to heal, proceed with caution and take it slow. Just have fun!!

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    once your feelings for you x are gone then i dont considerate a rebound. but if you still have feelings for the x then you are playing games making her jealous and stuff......so just make sure there are no feelings left.

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    Usually - if you start dating the new person immediately.

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