i have had?

alot of guys like checking me out, a couple even talked to me and asked me on a date. thing is i have a bf. should i tell him that guys r doing this to make him a little jealous or should i just keep this to myself???

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    1 decade ago
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    Definately Keep It To Yourself, You'll Only Make Him Paranoid. Guys Always Feel Insecure When They Know Other Guys Are Interested In Their Girlfriend And This Could put Pressure On Your Relationship. There's Nothing Wrong With Enjoying A Bit Of Attention From Other Guys, It's Harmless Even To Flirt Back, Just Don't Rub Your Boyfriends Face In It. Good Luck! =]

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    I think that you should tell him but not in a bragging kind of way. Because if he finds out later he might feel like you were hiding something from him. Just tell him but don't go on and on talking about it.

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    Keep this to yourself. Your Beau obviously knows your a looker; telling him other guys check you out will only get him pissed off. "Don't do what you don't want others do to you" You want to continue having a healthy relationship and not ruin it over childish plays.

    Hope this helps. :)

  • well... I would say... IF u decide to tell him, tell him like in a joking way. like say... "so, alote of guys have been checking me out lately... but none of them have been as hott as you" or sumthin along those lines. hope i could help

    danielle <3

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    1 decade ago

    I suggest you keep it to yourself cause your bf will "try" to be tough in front of you and start trying to back you up. Ah just keep it to yourself

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