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Hairstyle ?

i am about to go get a cut and im going to soccer camp next week i want something that looks great and has style but is also short maybe 1-2 inches? also im a guy

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    if you had a picture or at least a description of yourself it would make it alot easier.

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    That's hard to say.

    Go to, and click virtual hair designer.

    It lets you see different sorts of styles, and how to style it.

    You could put your own picture there to see how the style/color would look on you, and it provides literally thousands for 14 dollars a month.

    I understand that price may be an issue, but that's why there is a free demo verson. You can't put pictures in it. But I've found it extremely useful.

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    Works on: • Medium or long hair • grimy hair (Freshly washed? upload a small volume of styling cream or lotion to shrink flyaway) Stuff to have reachable: • scarf • Comb • Hair elastic • Clip (to hold hair out of how) Step a million Divide hair from ear to ear over the coolest of your head. Clip that front section out of how. Step 2 on the crown of your head, take a 2-inch portion of the relax hair and tease the section close on your scalp to create the bouffant at the back of the headscarf. Messy is advantageous; we are approximately to cover it up besides. Step 3 Un-clip the front section and comfortable it returned over the teased section, amassing all your hair right into a low pony. Reserve a one-inch portion of your longest hair and shelter the rest with an elastic. Step 4 Wrap the reserved hair around the hair elastic and shelter below with a bobby pin. Step 5 Slip on a headscarf. Works on: • Medium to long hair • Wavy, curly or right now • Freshly blow-dried or unwashed hair Stuff to have reachable: • a million small clean hair elastic • 4 small bobby pins • Texturizing cream • mild carry hairspray Step a million section hair the place you commonly do. element or center will paintings. Step 2 grab a piece on the two element of the section. (section could be approximately as huge as 2 arms.) Step 3 Loosely braid the two sections in the direction of the returned of your head the place they are going to fulfill. observe a dab of texturizing cream or pomade to the backside of each and every braid so it does not get to the backside of certainly. Step 4 Use a clean elastic to shelter the two braids at the same time in returned. Step 5 carefully slide the bobby pins in below the braid, alongside your scalp. this might save the loose braids from falling out.

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