can you build your own fence?any suggestions on how to do it cheap!?

i am wanting to build a fence in my back yard but I dont have a lot of money to do it if any one would like to give me an advice please let me know

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    A cheap solution is chainlink and it's easy.

    Of course you can build your own fence! Go down to Lowe's or Home Depot and talk to someone there about your needs.

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    Measure each side (right, left, front/back) if it will divide by 10' on each side measure every 10' and count the amount of posts (4"x4") you will need. The amount of post you need multiply by 3 and this is how many 2"x4" you need. Pickets are usually 6" wide. For each post you need a picket then multiply that by 5. Put a 6" picket on each post then place other pickets one at a time (level) next to the other. Where you want your gate will always be a different measurement. The size of your gate you will want to subtract 4" on both sides so that the gate can open and shut. Where you place the post you want to dig 6-8" deep place post in then cement, which you can by in hardware stores (dry bags of powdered cement), after you place the cement add water then fill the rest of the hole with dirt, which you have already dug out. If your fence does not measure by 10' then try 8', these are the normal measurements of fences, and follow same instructions. To build your own gate you measure the length you want the cut the 2"x4" into the measurement vertically and horizantly. When you measure your gate vertically always make sure it is at least 1" above the ground for easy opening. If you are not wanting wood and wanting chain length instead; still do the measuring to see if it divides by 8' or 10' for the post still do the 6" deep and cement, but order the chain length the measurement you need plus an extra 3'-4' for clipping, wrapping, and stretching. Stretch the chain length as tight as possible so that wind children, and animals are unable to pull and push on it, which can cause it to bend/fall easily. LOL!!!!

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    the cheapest fence is a pet fence, which is made from flat metal poles you pound into the ground and then wire you string along by hand.

    If you want a good looking fence that is cheap, try hooking up with Someone in your area may be getting rid of some fencing they would rather give to you than put in a landfill.

    There are tons of web sites and books on putting up fences. the purpose of the fence ( visual obstruction, keep out animals, keep in kids) and your own preferences will help you decide the type of fence.

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    Just for the short term use, you can use the poles to set in the ground for the framing. Just get some lattice sheets and nail into place on the poles. Trim the excess off.

    If you wait until later on in the last part of the summer, the home stores have real good deals on stuff that you normally might not be able to afford at a clearance price. Buy a couple of pieces then add as you can afford, it will be done in no time and fast too do too.

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    I just bought a roll of concrete reinforcing wire for $80.00. The wire is 5' wide and 100' long. It has 6" x 6" square openings in it. I plan on buying fence posts at a farm supply and making a dog run for my dog. Perhaps you could use that idea for your fence.

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    If you are planning to start on your woodworking project, this isn't something you should use, it's something that you would be insane not to. Go here

    Truth is, I've been a carpenter for almost 36 years, and I haven't found anything like this for less than 10's of thousands of dollars.

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    you can save the labor by doing it yourself depends on what kind of fence you want

    chain link

    board fence

    barb wire

    look around your area at the differt kinds of fence

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    I know this is total red neck but I worked with a guy who screwed large wood pallets togeather.

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