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Guys only plz, how come when people first meet me they assume I'm not a virgin?

Every guy I get with just automatically assumes I'm not a virgin what's up with that? Does having bleach blonde hair and blue eyes have anything to do with it. I don't dress REALLY skanky.


I look WWWAAAAYYYY older but I am 13. People think I'm like 17

Update 2:

I'm not one

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    it's just that the world that we live in to day we don't really don't who are the last virgins or you may be giving off a strong attraction to a lot of men but that just makes you even more ready for the world but just don't let the world walk all over you!

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    It may be that you are outgoing and friendly. Most girls that are good looking and outgoing that dress even somewhat sexy men think, gee I bet shes wild in bed. You may be a bit of a flirt, if girls flirt to much then she is thought as being, well lets just say willing and able, if you follow me. It is not in what you look like it is 1 how you act and come across to others, 2, the fact that most people above the age of 16 are not any more. I would not let it bother you to much, who cares what people think, if they can think at all.

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    Are you a flirt ??? (nothing wroung with that at all) Or has a past B-F been talking himself up you down???

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    sorry...girl here...but...

    i don't know...

    sometimes the way you portray yourself without knowing you do it...

    not only the way you you act, talk, and just live everyday life...

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    try not taking it as a insult

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