Is it ever ok for a younger (19-20) couple to live together?

They both profess to be saved but are living together. I say they should marry but others say they are too young and should wait, even though they are living together. I was told they believe this because they are looking at the long term picture. This person is a Christian. Marry or not?

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    the couple in question should actually look at the statistics. supposedly, those that live together prior to marriage have higher rates of divorce.

    and if they are christians, why are they living together and NOT getting married? if they think they are not old enough to get married then they are definetely not old enough to play house.

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    I think it's kinda funny that everyone is saying they shouldn't live together if they aren't married because they are christians. Is that a christian rule? Can anyone back that up with a scripture?

    The whole idea of waiting until your married is a relatively new christian belief. The Catholic church use to allow and even encourage couples to live together once they were engaged.

    Like some people said already... you aren't helping with your judgements.

    And don't believe everything you hear. The study showing that couples who live together first typically end in divorce was a very one sided study. Divorce in and of itself is more common today, so is living together before you get married but that's not to say that the two go hand in hand.

    As for the too young to marry business... also crap. Who is it that gets to say whether or not one is old enough to marry. It use to be very typical for couples to marry very young and now all the sudden its not? Maybe that's where the breakdown of marriage began... something you do when you get to this age rather than something you do when you are so in love it just makes sense.

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  • 5 years ago

    My view. Marriage makes it ok. Not married, not ok. I lived with my wife before we were married; we have been living together for 5 years. I got saved in 2004 and we got married in 2005. We didn't have the money or resources to move out and we were trying to do the right thing once we realised. We've now been married 2 years and God has blessed us more than you could know. Marriage causes the 2 people to become one flesh and threads both of them together with God. Living together knowing Gods view on the matter is to ignore God and to reject His blessings from your life. I was married at 21 (only 2 months before my 22nd birthday) but I don't consider myself to be too young. The world will look at them and think that living together unmarried is ok for Christians, it undermines their Christianity and their influence with their friends, it makes them look like hypocrites to their friends and others. This is especially bad if they share their bed with each other. My final question is since they are looking at a long-term relationship (I'm guessing that means life time commitment) then why put it off? Why wait a few years until their older? They plan to spend their lives together, why wait?

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    They are not too young to get married, I was 20 and my wife was 19 when we married. That was 15 years ago, and I love her more today than I did then. So, if it's meant to be They'll be fine when they marry. I believe they are "shacking up" and while I don't believe that Christ will condemn them for it, I don't believe living together before you are married is on the top ten things for Christians to do either.


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  • 1 decade ago

    I'm Christian and my husband I lived together at that age before marrying. Which is worse - not knowing what you're getting yourself into and thus divorcing, or living together before marriage?

    I think the most Christian thing to do would be to withhold judgement.

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    Better to live with someone and find out you don't get along than to get married and go through a divorce. God doesn't judge so why should anyone else?

    I lived with my then boyfriend for 2 years before we became husband and wife. That was almost 22 years ago.

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    To young to marry or be living together. Research shows people that live together before marriage will end in divorce more freq than those who do not live together.

  • Anonymous
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    The decision to marry is solely up to them. If they ask for an opinion, that is up to them. If they chose to keep on living together, that is up to them. Basically speaking, it's their business. Nobody else's.......

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    As far as I concerne,the simple practice that should be performed if someone love and respect the other person,is simply prove that love. living together,is easy,egoistic,and without responsability`,but most of all there is not sincere love.

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    They should not live together unless married.

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