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I think I've been exposed to lead!?

me and brother found a big piece of something gray and we thought we could crave it and make it shine...looks like silver. anyway now that im reading what it might be "lead" im gettin a little scared.. I had no idea what it had been buried for so many years. I was polishing it, craving it, touching it with my fingers until they got all black ..(it stains black when you touch it) and i also ate after handling it... i dont even think i washed my hands really good....what should i do?? right now im sick from my stomach..kinda like diahrrea scared!!!

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    You're always exposed to lead. It's in the dirt . . . it's even in the water you drink.

    There's a difference, though. Because lead is a heavy metal, it's toxic to the body . . . it's hard for the body to process and remove -- small amounts won't harm you seriously, but large amounts can lead to neurotoxicity.

    If you start vomiting, getting dizzy, or fainting, I'd rush to the ER.

    If you touch lead, it's ok -- some is absorbed through skin, but nothing like mercury. My concern is the hand-washing thing. If you washed your hands at all, chances are, you removed most of the lead on your hands before eating.

    The diarrhea COULD be because of the lead, but, it could also be whatever you ate, a cold/flu, or your nerves from being worked up about the possibility of lead poisining.

    Do some research online and see how much lead is absorbed through skin, what the symptoms of toxicity are, and what the toxic doses are.

    If you're really concerned, it's always best to get checked out.

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    for it to affect you that quickly, it would have to be a peice of highly radioactive material. And that is not likely. An exposere to lead as you describe is not desirable, but even in a worst case sinario it would likely take repeated exposores and it would take a while for symptoms to develop. So your stomach troubles ar 99.9% likely to be something else.

    By the description of the substance, I think it is a chunk of harmless graphite or coal. Keep the chunk, though, just in case you need to get a positive ID on it in the rare event you get sicker.

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    There are huge levels of lead inside our bodies, due to old products that still affect our environment. This will be just topping up your levels to a higher extent.

    Contact your parents, if you're children, and ask to get checked out by a Doctor. If it becomes worse, and you're alone and young, contact your Dr's out of hours support service, if there is one. Otherwise, aim to get to A&E.

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    See a Doctor. And no matter what you touch or don't touch, always wash your hands before eating. There are endless things out there that can harm you.

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    we're all exposed to lead at least once in our lives. i don't think you have too much to worry about. just don't play with it anymore...

    your stomach may be upset because you're so worried about it. i know when i get stressed or scared about something, my stomach does the same thing. if you don't feel better in a day or two, go see a doctor. don't panic!

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    Call your local poison controI center. The national help national help numer is 800-222-1222. The link is Get help. Fast.

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    ... Get OFF Yahoo.

    ... Go to a DOCTOR.

    ... Get yourself checked.

    And next time, don't touch **** if you don't know what it is and don't eat without washing your hands properly.


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