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There has been no terrorist attacks in the United States since 9/11, but still the US is fighting the "global terror organization" and claim it for their security. I mean, the United States is far more powerful than these suicide bombers. The US has far more advanced military power than these terrorist groups that only use chemicals to blow up a bus when US has nuclear power.

Is the US afraid of one minority and then launches a worldwide campaign against them?

Or is they just wants to be the top world power and keep it to themselves?

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    1 decade ago
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    this campaign is just a propaganda , i think they just don't care ,it's all about money and power , or mainlt anout the Oil in the middle east , i even heared alot and saw an evidences that this 11/9 was an inside job.....

    they fear the ppl through the media to gain supporters and i think it works so well , but they aren't afraid.

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    Actually, it's the type of attacks in the London hospital and in Glasgow recently that the US is trying to repress. It isn't a minority that the US is trying to contain. The Islamist movement is growing in every country where Moslems reside. Islam fundamentalists, like fundamentalists of all religions, would like to have complete political control. Unfortunately, they appear to be more than willing to kill both themselves and others to attain that goal. That's the reason that the US continues to fight terrorism. And every country, even the United States, is vulnerable to attack by someone who cares nothing for the lives of others.

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    It wasn't just what happened on 9/ was a series of attacks upon not just the US but in other parts of the world as well... guess you might say that the attacks and the inflamatory and hate video tapes promising more of the same for every country they deemed to be "evil", was the final straw....

    Obviously you didn't pay attention to all the attacks in the world all by the same source....

    May you find Truth and Peace :)

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    1 decade ago

    There are hidden reasons why such things happened. What we see is not the real mission. There is something to do with religion and power to control the world economy ( Wealth).

    Being BIG, the term Bully do exist. It is not U but I control the wealth. It's not yours, it's mine - Dictator kind of thing.

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    1 decade ago

    Actually this is the second phase of cold war, USA is in the process, to wipe out their own set up they made to fight with USSR during cold war drama.

    When the targets are achieved, the same Mujaheddin e Islam who were fighting as being CIA's agents, turned into terrorists, USA feel itself responsible, as US CIA is the one, who financed, armed and trained them during cold war.

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    1 decade ago

    I think you have it backwards. . .half the time they downplay anything that should be taken seriously. . .(regarding terroism)

    they had known certain things about 9/11 -- maybe not "when" but definitely knew of Osama Bin Laden and all that. . . they act like everything is no big deal -- they THINK they are on top of the game -- the terroists are way smarter than us because they know Americans have that stupid lax attitude-- "Oh it'll never happen here!!!" -- then it does -- so the new outlook is -- "oh it'll never happen again!!"

    it's so stupid and people want us to pull out of there. . . they are the ones who feed into this stupid attitude - we should be living in fear. . . every second. . .all this stuff is far from over -- maybe we have this and we have that -- but the terroists have the most insane, twisted minds on the planet. . . and they are waiting to attack us again when we least expect it. . .we don't want to kill them -- we want to talk and solve problems. . .all they want to do is kill people (AMERICANS) as many of them as possible, women, children and otherwise. . .their goal is to kill as many of them as possible. . .they are religious radicals that think they are doing what "God" tells them to do. . .

    if they are not directly attacking us they are indirectly attacking us. . .we are trying (americans) are simply trying to defend ourselves from the terroists. . . we are simply trying to survive!!!!

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    1 decade ago

    The US is trying to slow down the apparatus.

    The apparatus is still working in Europe. Look at England last week!

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    Just another step toward the new world order.

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    Odd how the only "terrorist attack" on US soil happened while the macho moron terrorist fighter president was in charge.

    War is good for big business (Halliburton, etc) and for slipping in little laws that people are afraid to protest. Eavesdropping without warrants for example.

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    i agree wiuth miss mina bush is out on a personal vendetta

    one star for you

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