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Yeast infection?

What can i do to get rid of the itch and pain.

my mom wont get me any meds.

so what can i do?

its torture

and i have summer school tomorrow


Hey you guys lay off my mother, we're broke and the stores are closed anyways.

she tried.

Update 2:

Going to the store myself would be impossible/

i live in the middle of no where.

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    You can't get it yourself? It's only 7.99 for the generic stuff at the grocery store. The "one dose" stuff (again, generic) is only 13.99. Get the stuff with "ticonazole".

    No home remedies work, sorry. And you need to treat the yeast infection with yeast infection medicine, otherwise it'll just run rampant and you can have some severe consequences.

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    Take acidophilus pills and plain yogurt. I suggest to see a gynecologist to make sure it's a yeast infection and also could be bacterial. The gynecologist will put you on the right therapy. Take an over-the-counter azole such as Monistat, Vagisil at the moment. Don't eat anything that contains sugar and more importantly carbohydrates such as rice, pasta, and also bread. Avoid teas. There is an herb that I recommend for my patients and it's called pau d'arco and it comes in a tea form and capsules and I also recommend garlic pills because garlic will kill the yeast. Wear clothing that is loose because yeast thrives on moist areas and wear underwear that is 100% cotton and air out the vagina at night. This helps also and wear pad or tampons that are cotton based. Please call the gynecologist tell him/her if there is any discharge that looks green or looks cottage-cheese like and if it smells like a rotten fish and also how long you've had these symptoms. They'll take a sample of your discharge too to make sure, the last thing you want is for it to spread into a systemic level and grow plantlike roots if it's not taken care of and this is yeast, bacteria can spread too and both need to be killed off . You'll be fine. I know it's uncomfortable. Women go through-this, it's a common problem. I have patients who have a yeast infection and repeated bacterial infections and they have good immune system. Also when you go the doctor, see if they can give you samples and if they prescribe antibiotics, see if they could substitute it for a generic brand and the same thing goes with antifungals or call the company that makes the meds and also a free clinic will be able to help out too.

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    You need to see a doctor. You or your mom cannot just self diagnose an infection. Get your mom or a trusted friend to take you to the urgent care and get your problem diagnosed. Yeast is generally not painful so I do not think it is a yeast infection. See a doc and get it diagnosed and treated now. Also if you have an trouble getting your mom to take you to a doctor tonight then show her this answer to your post as I have been a nurse for over 33 years and would not tell you to see a doc etc if I didn't think you needed to see one.

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    Eat a whole bunch of yogurt (live cultures) and drink a lot of water. I'd sit in the bathtub in warm water that you've added baking soda to (go look in the kitchen cupboard, it's in a orange box). Sit in the tub even if you can't find anything to put in the tub--peroxide, Epsom salt. I guess you could look for some corn starch in the kitchen cupboard, too, and put that in your underwear. Whatever you do, don't rub it. Sooner or later you got to get something. Can you slip away to the drugstore and get some over the counter yeast infection cream. This is not right.

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    Your mom needs to get you an over the counter medication for yeast infections, if you are sure that is what you have. They shouldn't be expensive. I don't know why your mom won't get you any medication. Try to talk to her again about it. If she still won't, talk to one of your friends and her mom and see if her mom will either talk to your mom about it or just buy you the medicine. There is no need for you to have to suffer when you can easily get medicine at any grocery store or pharmacy. Another option would be to talk to a trusted female teacher or guidance counselor at your school. Good luck!

    P.S. I have read numerous articles saying not to put any food product in you vaginal area. I would not recommed listening to the first answerer and using yogurt. Bad idea! You could cause more infection.

    ---I just read your added details. Try calling a planned parenthood clinic in your area. Because of your age you may be able to get medicine from them for free. It would be worth a try.

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    What is wrong with your mother? That's horrible! Can you go to the store and look in the feminine hygiene section? They have good creams like Monistat for yeast infections.

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    seems like a urinary tracht illness. conventional signs! drink plenty of water and feature a tumbler of cranberry juice day-to-day, my urologist advised me i might by no means take bathtub baths once more ,so i'm dedicated to just have showers. bet what? i havent had any further infections. a yeast illness may be very uncomfortable as you could have extreme vaginal itching and a white discharge. you dont commonly get this until you're sexually energetic. in case your symptons dont solve you have got to re-seek advice from the surgeon. commonly they placed you on an anti-biotic that's referred to as extensive spectrum till they get the outcome again from the lab, then they're going to recognise precisely which cure will paintings. desire this is helping you until you spot your surgeon.

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    Plain yogurt. Not vanilla or anything flavored. Just plain yogurt. Insert it before bedtime and wear a pad. Should feel a little better by morning. Do it a few times a day if needed.

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