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Can someone who drives an Audi A4 tell me the MPG?

I'm about to buy an used one (2002) and need to know the MPG.

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    I can tell you all about the A4. It's a great car and yes the MPG information is very valuable. The values are as follows. Just choose the trim of the one your about to purchase.

    A4 1.8T FWD 22/31

    A4 1.8T Quattro AWD 21/29

    A4 1.8T Quattro w/Tiptronic AWD 19/28

    A4 1.8T w/ Multitronic FWD 20/29

    A4 3.0 FWD 19/27

    A4 3.0 Quattro AWD 18/25

    A4 3.0 Quattro w/Tiptronic AWD 17/25

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    I believe you have fiddled with the button which changes between your settings on the display screen. It might have been the case for you that when the mpg was "normal", it was displaying your average mpg. The readings started being erratic because you switched the mode to "instantaneous mpg reading". (which measures the mpg of the car at that very moment, with that kind of driving behaviour) The 5.21 hour probably refers to the duration you spent driving the car from the time you last started the ignition. (well, at least that's what I know from my parents' A6) To revert the system back to the average mpg mode, aka. "normal" mode, you might want to press the same button as you did before... The only good piece of advice I can give right now is to refer to your owner's manual. I understand if it might be frustrating to figure that out (I had a bit of trouble sorting out the A6's manual at first), but I believe that you would be able to sort it out eventually. As a last resort, you can bring your car back to the dealer. Good luck!

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    You can IMPROVE those numbers VERY EASILY and get about 15$% MORE if you FOLLOW THE RULES! NO VALVOLINE may be used EVER! Use FUEL EFFICIENT TIRES< like MICHELIN HARMONY or DEFENDER tires! Use IRIDIUM SPARK PLUGS from either DENSO ir BOSCH! Ge ta MOTOR FLUSH done using AMSOIL POWER FOAM before your next OIL CHANGE! The TURBOS are made to AIRCRAFT SPECIFICATIONS! Only OILS with the numbers 502 and 505 may EVER be used in ANY AUDI of ANY YEAR! A REAL AUDI oil change is good fo OVER ONE FULL YEAR! PENNZOIL ULTRA EURO gives a 15 year 500k mil oil warranty as WELL! MOST AUDI CARS wil get MORE than the printed ECONOMY RATINGS! These are VERY conservative! Expect more like 33-35 for MOST of these cars if you FOLLOW THE RULES! BYE NOW! NEVER TRUST the OIL CHANGE CENTERS alone! using MOBIL ONE 0W-40 is a GREAT choice in oils! READ THE LABELS HERE! TOTAL ENERGY OIL is even BETTER and the REAL OFFICIAL AUDI OIL is RAVENOL! Other REAL audi oils will SAVE on gas at EVERY rpm range! The BEAUTY of an AUDI is that i can take ALL PUNISHMENT you dish out, but ONLY if you use the RIGHT OIL! PEOPLE that trust VALVOLINE an other IMPROPER OILS will get into expensive ENGINE TROUBLES as the lifters and cam phasers fill up with TAR, COKE and WAX! YOUR ENGINE PARTS inside should look like NEW at all times with NO deposits at ALL! This is what AUDI APPROVED 502/505 OIL WILL DO FOR YOU! BYE NOW!<<<IT IS ALL ABOUT YOUR CAR SAVVY< the OIL You use, the PLUGS you use and the TIRES you use! AUDI has wonderful technology! HIGHER than most! Do NOT run this car like an OLD WOMAN either! it was MEANT to be driven HARD and OFTEN as well! RUN THE ENGINE up to the FULL RPM range! It can HANDLE THIS over and over again! the use of BAD OIL can kill them quickly however BYE NOW!

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    2003 A4 1.8T- gets about 26 in the city and almost 40 highway. I watch the gauge and adjust my speed to get the best mpg wherever I am driving.

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  • 1 decade ago

    20 city 29 highway

  • 1 decade ago

    19 city 27 highway

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    2 litre A4 around 32mpg normal driving

    Source(s): I own one.
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    What size motor? 1.8,2.0 3.2..My 1.8 gets about mid twenties.

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