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Would a guy want his ex back after being with someone else for 5 years.?

if she broke his heart and now she is with someone else and she tells him she will break up??or its a soap opera lie to pretend to be emotionally confused??

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    Sounds like trouble, but you can still play the game. Just go on with your life, have fun, and let her see you living it up. You'll have a better chance of attracting her by playing it cool rather than submitting to her mind games.

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    Yes, he may still want her back. Maybe he has not been able to get over her and still thinks about her. Maybe she was confused when she broke up with him and now regrets it. These things do happen. I hope neither one ends up hurting the other.

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    Not no but hell no. you should have gotten over it the very next day. Have some pride!

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    i dont thik \he wants her back but no one knows everyone is diffrent

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