What do YOU think of Mormons (LDS)?

I saw a documentary on it once and it made me laugh and ponder. What DO you really think of Mormons? Please be honest?? Pretty Please???

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    Well, since I am one, I have a biased opinion. I think a lot of things people will tell you have come from something someone else has said, and not really what we believe. That documentary wasn't put out by the church, so it was biased also. It was also not entirely accurate. Since it wasn't put out by the church, there were things said that weren't right, and were way off base.

    As far as the ex-mormons commenting, of course they are going to not say nice things about the church. Does anyone if they leave a religion? You can't expect to get correct, or truthful answers from someone who is biased against the church for their own reasons.

    If you really have questions about what we believe, check out the links below. It may answer a few for you that either weren't covered in the documentary, or that really are different from what was protrayed.

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    I have known some Mormons who are cool and some who are jerks. And like every system you ocasionally find the really weirded out ones. Some of their practices seem strange but generally they are harmless. The dietary practices are healthy and having a stockpile of food and water for emergency isn't a bad idea either. As far as polygamy (which is not condoned by the church anymore) - well - whaatever floats your boat. They are not the first to practice that and it is still accepted in some cultures. Their views on jesus appearing in North america might be odd but if Jesus rose three days after being dead who's to say he didn't take a vacation to the other side of the pond then? After all if one is possible then the other should be too. Or maybe none of it happened and still they aren't any different than any other sect.

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    I once had a boss who was mormon. He was pretty orthodox in the sense he had a large family and pretty much made all the decisions while his wife stayed at home and raised the kids. No issue with that since I believe that all women should take care of their homes and children (as well as work outside if they wish to). I had nothing against the guy's religion. I respect others for their beliefs even though it's not what I may believe in.

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    I saw that documentary, I did- not find anything funny about it. I know enough about the church to know a lot of the stiff was way off base. The Mormons I know are the most honest and straight forward people I know

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    Just like any religion there are very good nice Mormons. There are also Mormons that are not so good and nice.

    Over all most Mormons have a reputation for being very kind, helpful, friendly people.

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    I love Mormons, and I am not Mormon. My grandmother was Mormon, and she was the most loving person I ever knew. There are going to be bad apples in any group, but I think Mormons are on the right track with the way they take care of their families.

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    I'm Mormon,,

    Why did that documentary make you laugh??

    I think it is ridiculous that people think crazy things of mormons, people think we are freaks! Someone asked me if my dad had 3 wives! No that was banned in the 1800's! They ask me questions like "does your family take showers together?" and "you guys don'y drink beer right?". Mormons are normal people we just do things a little different, we keep the sabboth day holy, so what if we don't drink beer it's bad for you!

    the people riding bikes are missionaries, if they ever come to your door please be nice because that might be my brother.

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    Mormonism is a cult, I know, I was in it for 13 years. In the last few years of my being in the church I began to seriously question where my life was going and why I was wearing long underwear every day. My marriage fell apart and because I was questioning the LDS beliefs all my Mormon friends and other church members shunned me.

    I wasted 13 years of my life reading the Book of Mormon and going to way too many meetings on how to drag others into this garment wedgie HELL.

    God is not within those bland brick Mormon church buildings but is in the eyes of my children, in the ocean and clouds.

    Now that my mind is free and open I don't think much about the Mormons. I usually sleep in on Sundays, make pancakes and go to the beach with my kids.

    Source(s): my 13 year garment wedgie
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    Whether you or anyone else likes to hear this or not... the Mormons are a cult, and they are NOT a Christian religion. I find it simply incredible the insanity of some of their beliefs, and can't figure out how they have gotten so many to accept their doctrines. In my view, they have hoodwinked a lot of people, a lot of good, decent people who are desperately seeking a belief system. Yeah... some people will read this and say, "Yeah, and CHRISTIANITY has also hoodwinked a lot of people, too!" Sorry, no. I know my faith, I have gone into it with my eyes WIDE OPEN, it is not a cult and it is not a fraud.

    For a good desription of Mormonism and how it compares with Christianity, see the websites below.

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    Mormonism is a joke. After reading the actual history of mormonism, anyone who still believes in the mormon church doesn't have a whole lot of common sense.

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