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Hairstyle Help!?

How can you get this hairstyle for a thin-haired brunette with hair about 2 inches below the chin?

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    I dont get why everyone these days tries to look like Nicole Richie but...

    Here's how to do it:

    Go to a salon and ask for sideswept bangs. since your hair is already short, just ask them to trim it for a little bit of layers

    Then everyday, since your hair is thin, blow dry it with a round brush. get the brush under your hair and then dry from the top. Don't brush it too much or it'll get static-y and frizzed out. spray hair spray and brush down any fly aways. Voila. you look like nicole richie.

    well if you want the hair color, you'll have to ask a stylist to highlight your hair, or be bold and do it yourself with a store bought dye.

    good luck

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    Just get the bangs with a few layers, it wont look the same cuz she doesnt have thin hair.

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    bring in that picture to the salon and tell him u want that hair. He might not give you exactly that, but maybe something similar. or just ask for choppy layers and go buy some volumizing shampoo and creams.

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    haha, nichole. ok, anyway, uh, well, just take that pic to your stylist, i know you've probably heard this a million times, but it's THE best way to make sure you get the cut you want.

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