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Girls named Catherine, what are you like?

My roomate last year (she stayed for three weeks) at college was named Caitlin. Before I met her I thought she would be a snobby sorority girl who'd only hang out with her own kind -- I was right. Even worse, she kept having parties in our room without asking me.

What could I expect from a girl named Catherine? The last Catherine I knew was very nice, but also a bit of a Christian nut and sometimes rude to my atheism.


It's true that basing a person on a name doesn't always work out. But one's name does affect the personality.

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    I am a nice person who loves her pets, loves her family, loves her boyfriend. I am crazy about movies and love to cut up and have fun. I am emotional and most people tell me I am smart. I think my name is kind of stuck-up sounding, but I once had a black co-worker tell me I was the least stuck-up white girl she'd ever known and I took it as a compliment.

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    She's gonna be nice and sweet. My friend Catherine is. haha

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    Everyones different, you shouldn't or you can't really judge someone based on their name.

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    shed be naughty

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