What should I do?

Im in love with one of them...I think.

Guy#1:He just asked me out. He is sort of a dork/geek. He's really nice though. When i first met him I thought he was gay. He's not though. Now Im good friends with him. But Im not sure if I would want to date a guy like him.

Guy#2: I like him. ALOT. He's nice and a good person to talk to. We have been friends for about 6 months now. Sometimes he can be sweet and really caring. but at times he can also be a jerk. We like alot of the same things. He also always makes me laugh when im in a bad mood.

The problem is..I think guy#1 is more of a friend to me. I would really like to be in a relationship with guy#2. But..Im too shy and dont have the guts to ask him out. And he prolly is too shy to ask me out.

Soo..am i crazy for being so in love with guy#2. Should I give guy#1 a chance? Im really confused. What should I do?

-Thanks very much.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Why wait guy 1 is not going to hang around forever.

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