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Can I reuse/recycle Epson T071- ink cartridges?

They fit Epson Stylus DX5000 Series.

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    Yes, go to a Staples store and they give you a three dollar coupon for it too.

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    My ultimate suggestion is to A. get a laser printer. the value mark downs of no longer paying for ink over the existence of your printer will pay for the hot printer 2 or thrice. B. in case you adore ink-jets then i could propose getting rid of the Epson and paying for a diverse printer with a greater inexpensive or greater powerful ink gadget. it is going to save you a head soreness interior the long-term. i take advantage of to possess an Epson, have been given an outstanding deal on it yet on the time i did no longer understand the cartridges had microchips on them. whilst it got here time for sparkling ink, i became staring at paying greater for ink then I paid for the printer. i ended up getting a cannon after that. yet first I made particular I knew the value of the cartridges. on account that then I swore i could by no ability very own an Epson lower back... yet now that i take advantage of a Laser printer and fax, I purely could desire to subject approximately toner possibly as quickly as each and every a million.5 years because of the fact it does not dry up whilst no longer in use. :O)

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    Many schools take used ink cartridges and recycle them and the school gets money for it.

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