What is good for catching bass, bluegill and croppie?

I have been catching catfish like crazy but I haven't been able to get any bass, bluegill or croppie.

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    you need to fish where they live...

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    Well i can only guess that you are fishing Stevens Creek about two miles southwest of Cupertino, right? I have been here before and fished it as well. For bluegill your going to want to use a small piece of worm and try to get near structure such as trees that hang into the water were bugs might fall into the water bluegill will be gathered there. Next the bass, since this is a warm water lake, if were talking about the same one, bass will come in durning the evening to feed. You'll find them near rocky bottoms that meet weed edges. hope this helps.

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    If you want to target all three species at same time, i would go with minnows and a bobber in 4-8 feet of water.

    if you want to target each species indavidually, here is what to do:


    1. Small spinnerbait : once you find an area with a lot of crappies or a school of them, using a small spinnerbait can really impress you. I wouldn't say it is the most effective way to catch them but its pretty good. I have caught many crappies worth gloating about using a spinnerbait.

    2. Small crankbaits: This is a deadly lure for medium to big crappie. Once you locate them, this would be the lure that will bring you to your limit of nice sized crappies the fastest. I never would have thought that crappies would go after crankbaits.

    3. Panfish jigs: these are the most common way to fish for crappie but it certainly isnt the best way. You will get alot of small ones but will get the occasional nice one.

    4. minnows: while i was out on the water fishing for bass, my uncle was fishing for bluegill and crappie using perch minnows. He started out going for bluegill but that wasnt working out since all he was catching were crappie. He caught quite a few but most when pretty small

    5. worms: finally the easiest way. Just throw a worm on a hook with a bobber about 2 or 3 feet above the hook and throw it out. This would be the easiest way to locate the crappie.

    Here is a list of what to look for when searching for crappie:




    change in underwater structure

    edge of hydrilla weeds

    schools of 25+ fish on the fish finder (if you have one)



    Go with top water like a buzzbait, hula popper, jitterbug, pop-r, yum buzzfrog.

    The yum buzz frog is my favorite topwater lure next to the buzzbait. Here is how to use it...YUM BUZZFROG. It is an amazing lure. I have tried two colors of these so far and they work wonders. (carolina pumpkin/yellow and watermelon red flake.) I bought mine at meijer so you can get them almost anywhere that sells Yum products. Also buy some Gamagatsu size 4 offset hooks. Make sure the point of the hook is on TOP of the frog not underneath. You can use these any time during the day but at sun up and sun down are the best times due to the low light conditions or when there are lily pads or moss.

    afternoon to late night

    spinnerbaits, crankbaits, rooster tails in 6+ feet of water during the summer. Throw these by weed edges, ledges/dropoffs, and any type of underwater structure.

    senkos/yum dinger

    Texas rig these weightless with a size 3/0 offset EWG (extra wide gap) hook and throw them in 6+ feet of water. Just throw them out, let it sink. Every now and then lift the rod tip and/or give a sudden jerk to trigger the bite.

    Blue gill

    keep it simple...hook, worm, and bobber!

    good luck!

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    typically minnows work well for bass and crappie and larger bluegill.Maggots and waxworms are also a good choice.

    With artificial bates the various twister tail grubs,worms and smaller spinners and crankbaits like floating rapalas work well.

    It also depends on the water you fish,I assume you tightline for catfish but if not the, catfish are very aggressive and may chase other fish(bluegills)away.

    You may change your spots you fish,possibly seeking weedier locales where bass like to hide.

    Hope this helps.

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    Bass--> Plastic baits (rubber worms & minnows)

    Bluegill--> worms (use a bobber to get the bait off the bottom)

    Crappie-> Minnows (use a bobber to the baits off the bottom)

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    One lure for all 3 fish would be a beetle spin!

    Bass- live shiner under a cork does well!

    Crappie- live fathead minnow under a cork!

    Bluegill- waxy,wiggler,cricket,baby leech!

    Bass- plastic worm,topwater frog or buzz bait,spinners,crank bait,jig n pig,beetle spins!

    Crappie- small tube or feahter jig,mini spinners,mini crank baits,beetle spins!

    Bluegill- small feather jigs,twister tails,beetle spin!

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    use red worms

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