do you think Americans are lazy? if so, in what way?

i've been recieving hate mail because of something i said about American's being lazy. but, i feel it is true. i'm not saying ALL American's are lazy, but a majority of them are. After all, we are the fattest country in the world. we serve portions 2-3 times the recommended allowance! our appetizers have more calories in them than the amount of food we eat in a day should contain! we drive a block down the road instead of biking or walking. etc, etc... i could go on and on. i want to hear what you have to say though.


I am an American. born and raised. these are views i have because of things i've seen. after serving 2 years overseas and seeing the habits of other countries i felt slightly ashamed that in my own country we couldn't be more physically active.

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    Every country has their portion of the population that does not work. In America, that is why we have WELFARE. If you are talking about the younger generation, in a way I can agree. The young adults, want what it has taken us 25 years to get, and they want it NOW> I hear them say all the time, I will not work in fast food or for minimum wage. Well guess what, tough. Parents have spoiled their kids by giving them everything and thay have no respect for an honest days work. They buy them new cars, expensive games and they are not taught boundries at home and therefore will not survive in society. This all extends to food, exercise, etc. children have to be taught and most Americans are to busy making that almighty dollar to give them everything, they are not setting the right values for their health, wellfare or future when they are no longer there to provide all of these things. Throw a temper tantrum at work and see if your boss will give into you. More likely he will show you the door. All you end up with is a self-centered brat.

  • Teresa
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    In General Americans aren't lazy at all, actually they are one of the hardest working cultures, the average American wakes up 2 hours earlier than in Europe and works 10 extra hours. Its just a stereotype and has very little truth to it, just like the stereotypes that the British have bad teeth and the French smell, they have very little truth to them.

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    Regarding our lifestyles, yeah, I can't argue much about it. We do have a tendency to imbibe and eat too much and take the easy way regarding some things. HOWEVER, we, as Americans, ARE hard-working people who are known for being self-sacrificing, even for others who hate us in other countries. So, bluntly, I don't think we are lazy, but some of our HABITS need to be changed. Where would other countries be had we not been involved in WW1 and WWII?

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    No, overall Americans are not lazy or stupid. It is completely offensive to all of the hard working Native Americans, European Americans, African Americans, Asian Americans, Latin Americans and all Americans in general to make that type of generalization. There are lazy people all over the world and there are hard working people all over the world. Why do you think generalizing is okay? Do you like it when others generalize about you? Speak for yourself because I am not lazy and I am an American.

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  • VENOM!
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    1 decade ago

    My bf isn't and he is American.

    when he started his law practice, he used to work 12 t0 14 hour days.... and 10 years down the road his hard work all paid off :)

  • Anonymous
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    Yes I do.

    It's very rare I can get anyone to go hiking with me or anything active for that matter. They'd rather hang out at home in front of the television.

    Born in the U.S.

  • 6 years ago

    no i do not think Americans are lazy.american made things are high quality and we focus on plenty of good things like the economy.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    yes very much because my school always miss alot of days for no reason like that time when we had like a snow day and we missed school and it only snowed for like 30 minutes and once we missed a day of school for no reason and america is pretty much the richest country so we dont exercise and we are lucky not like those poor countries.

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