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for poetry readers, or anyone that likes stageplays...?

in my school we breifly covered my favorite subjects in engish. It was a Very Breif study. i didnt think we took enough time. the subject was poetry. i knew it was rhyming words but then i discovered different types that my teacher had failed to mention. one that i would like you guys to criteque is a Villanelle.

The Monster's Life

Born fragile, born sweet,

Into the hands of rings.

Born a monster, born elite.

A monster's fate is his beat,

Hes just begininng to learn instinctive things.

Born fragile, born sweet.

Now knowing secrets of the street,

This young prince has grown horned wings.

Born a monster, born elite.

Siring children is his next feat,

Heirs is what that brings.

Born fragile, born sweet.

He died shameful, he died defeat,

Death brings joy to the valley for it sings.

Born a monster, born elite.

Father dead, repeat, repeat

But 'tis the way of Royalty, but 'tis the way of kings.

Born Fragile,born sweet,

Born a monster, born elite.


the other part of this is a stage play. its very long but i would appreciate it if you read it and critequed it.

Update 2:

well i googled types of poetry and came to a website that looked very valid. the website i found it on was:

it has a lot of different types

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    I don't know why but I reallt like this a lot. It has something to it that speaks to me.

    Thank you for sharing.

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    I am also a poetry writer and I have to say that your poem was very good. I really liked the use of repetition, but I'll have you know i am kind of biased on that because I tend to use it a lot myself. You were also very good at using metaphors. But i have to ask, what is a Villanelle? I've never heard of it--so i'm not sure how much help I am.

    Source(s): Fellow peotry writer.
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