Porsche specialist or european technician /vintage restorer?

I have a couple of interviews for an apprenticeship coming up and I was wondering which would be better to take up. On one hand there's a independent porsche shop that deals maintenance/upgrades with old and new porsches and on the other hand there's this independent european specialist shop that deals with reparing all types old euro cars but mainly specializing in english cars as well as doing frame work/body work and full mechanical restoration. Which career direction would be better to take for my own future's sake? Your answers will greatly be appreciated!

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  • Mark B
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    1 decade ago
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    Not an easy choice.

    For the Euro tech job, you'll get experience in working on current model vehicles. This experience will spill over into almost any other manufacturers field as far as experience goes as far as getting hired at a different job further down the road (at a dealership, or an independent shop).

    For the resto job you'll get experience in both body and mechanical, which could be an advantage down the road with the mixed experience.

    The number of other resto jobs are more limited than working on current stuff. But, it can be more rewarding to take something that is a total mess and make it something that looks like brand new.

    I suppose the best thing to do is to go for both of tehm and if they both offer you a position, then you'll have to decide which way to go. Knowing what they'll offer you might make a difference in your decision.

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