Ex-boyfriend problems?

Brent and I dated for 3 years, we broke up and a month later he told me he still had feelings for me, I told him I did too. There was nothing we could do about it because I was forbidden to date him again. He invites me to his Birthday party on the beach 2 weeks after we discussed our feelings and hes dating some other girl, they kissed right in front of me, they just met about a week before, THROUGH ME.... Brent and I havnt talked since then. He tries not to look at me at church and when we get eye contact I alway break the ice and make him laugh.. really hard and then he avoids me. What the hell? I dont get it at all. Why would he date someone else if he still has feelings for me, why would he ask her to be his gf after knowing her for 4 days? Someone help me analyse this... this is retarded, any tips as to what I should do. Oh also, Myspace and facebook is retarted but I do have one, we used to be eachother's #1 friend, then he deleted me from his friendship list, I know its gay.

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    1 decade ago
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    Well Brent may just be a smart alex.He invites you to his beach party and brings along his crush.Then kisses her right in front of you.He's playing mind games.Forget him and move on

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    First of all I don't think any man should delete someone off their myspace, it's okay for girls.

    next maybe he felt like the relationship with you and him was either not good for one or both of you, or that it wasn't gonna work. So hence the break up. He probably wants to be over you so he finds the next girl he sees and says hey be my girl. She is a distraction and he still loves you, but it's not like you and he should get back together because u never ever hook up with someone you met through you current bf/gf. Thats wrong. So yeah she is a skank, he is a jerk, and you should stop being the nice girl for him and move on.

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