My display picture isn't showing up.?

I've restarted my computer, and signed out of YIM several times just now. I try to upload a different display picture, but i still get that ugly gay smiley thing. Any particular reason why this is occuring? I have 2 different accounts, and i signed onto my other one, to test to see if i could upload another DP, but, that didn't work either. Is it my Yahoo! program, or is it just a problem with the YIM at the moment?



I got it to work. It was just a glitch in the system. Nothing else seemed to be the problem. :) Thanks for the answers.

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    several things... you may have your Yahoo set not to share a picture... or it might be sharing an avatar and you don't have one... or something similar.

    Go to "Messenger->Preferences" and select Display Image.

    Where it reads, "When I start a conversation, share:", click on the Change Default button.

    Ensure that your selection is "Share My Picture", and also ensure that the picture you want to share is displayed there. If the picture is not displayed, click the "Select" button, and then you can click the "Browse" button to find and select the picture you want to display.

    Click "OK" until you get back to the preferences window (the one where you clicked the "Change Default" button.

    The second section allows you to disable or enable display images. I am pretty sure this setting makes it so you can choose to display or not display OTHER people's image... but click "enable" just in case.

    Also, be advised that your "display picture" on your Yahoo! Profile does not display automatically for your Yahoo IM. You have to select a picture on your LOCAL machine via the IM application to have it display a picture.

    Furthermore... if you are using the Web Messenger, I think it doesn't have any display image options... it automatically shows your avatar if you have one. Unless they have updated that since I used it last.

    I hope I helped!


  • 4 years ago

    I'm having the SAME trouble. I can see my possess profile photo, however to every body else it is not there. I are not able to even see the thumbnail. It's quite stressful me truthfully... I'm definite the trouble is on Facebook's finish and can (confidently) be constant quickly.

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    1 decade ago

    I don't know - but at least you don't look like that ugly gay smiley thing on here!

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