who stearted word war II?

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    ~The ignorant Allied negotiators in Congress and at Versailles in 1918 who refused to listen to the common sense and wisdom of Woodrow Wilson sowed the seeds and the money grubbing robber barons who raped the stock exchange and started the Great Depression and cultivated them. With that, the fields were fertile enough for Hitler and his boys to bring their reform platform to power in Germany - and with them the quest for Lebensraum and rejection of the Treaty of Versailles. The appeasers in London, Paris and Moscow did the rest, while Washington continued to hide its head in the sand.

    Either that or the devil made them do it.

    How we learn from history. Just watch the fireworks when we pull out of Iraq, having created a power vacuum there that is just begging the Iranians, Syrians and Saudis to fill it.

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    Stearted word war II?

    If you mean, who started to wheels moving for the world to go to war for a second time, I think the dishonor goes to Adolf Hitler, who rose to power in a country that had been ravaged by the first world war and were desperate for a leader who could give them some dignity and prosperity.

    What better way than to declare the Aryan's the perfect race and to then go about taking over the rest of the world.

    Seems to me that he and his cohorts set things in motion, Then we have in the pacific, the Japanese who had in those days meglomaniacle delusions that equaled Hitlers, their emperor being god an all, so they attacked us destroying the fleet in Pearl Harbor, teaming up with Adolf and Benito.

    There's much more, and it's interesting reading, May I suggest you do some


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    World War II was a very horrible and destructive war. It started in September 1939 and lasted until August 1945. There were two sides fighting in this war, but there were many nations involved. The two sides were called the "Axis" and the "Allies." Germany, Italy, and Japan were called the Axis powers. Adolf Hitler was the leader of Germany, and he wanted to take over the world. He took over most of the countries in Europe with the help of Italy. Then he started bombing England. Japan started taking over most of the islands in the Pacific Ocean. The United States, Great Britain, the Soviet Union, France, and China became allies (or joined together) to stop the Axis.

    Hitler started the war.

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    The start of WW2 go back to WW1 and it is what your interpretation of "start" is as to who started the war. Often the answer is Adolf Hitler because he was bad, and it is the easy answer. But the Treaty of Versailles is what had the Germans so upset as to want to go to war.

    If your interpretation is when did the shooting actually start when again we go back to WW1. In WW1 in exchange for their assistance in capturing the German outpost in China Japan was granted the former German out posts, this action set Japan upon it's empire building campaign which did not end with WW1 but only began. The installment of a Japanese puppet government in Manchukio and the expansion into Manchuria, the small war with the Soviet Union. May have been the first shots fired.

    Or if not that then Italy's expansion into Ethiopia. The German support of Franco in Spain.

    You see every later point takes us back to WW1.

    I find that by the time of the Munich accord, "the sell out of Czech" the writing was on the wall. Actually Hitler made no secret about his plans, just read his book.

    I would say Georges Clemenceau had as much to do with starting WW2 as Hitler.

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    Hitler began to break the Treaty of Versailles, which ended WWI. He then invaded Poland and France in 1939. Britain and the Soviet Union didn't like that game, so they went to war. The US was attacked by Japan at Pearl Harbor, so they joined the war too! They stormed the beaches of France and won the war in Europe, and then dropped two atomic bombs on Japan.

    That's WWII in a nutshell.

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    OK, definitely don't listen to bcptm, she obviously doesn't know what she is ranting about, blaming the US Congress for the Treaty of Versailles when they took no part in its crafting and never ratified it. That is hilarious

    The man who started World War II was named Alfred Naujocks!

    Adolph Hitler had several members of his SS under the command of an SS officer named Alfred Naujocks, blow up German installations and pretend to be Polish soldiers, giving Germany an excuse to invade Poland(which had defense pacts with England and France, starting WW2 on Sept 1, 1939.


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    I think a world weary of war bought into the idea that you can humor a bully and somehow satiate his need to dominate. When reality hit, it was already too late to find a reasonably peaceful way of stopping Hitler and his machine as they had already become too powerful. Had the world stamped out the ugly ant when it first appearred, Hitler would have been a mere blip in world history rather than what he turned out to be. In other words, the world chose to bury their heads in the sand like an ostrich and Hitler was, unfortunately, astute enough to fire a rocket right up the tail feathers!

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    It started with the Treaty of Versailles. John Maynard Keynes wrote The Economic Consequences of Peace (http://www.amazon.com/Economic-Consequences-Peace-... ) and described in advance how the stupid treaty would result in stresses that would lead to yet another war. Paul Johnson's Modern Times (http://www.amazon.com/Modern-Times-Revised-Twentie... ) describes the politics at play between the two wars. Anyone who was a mobilizing leader, Hitler just happened to be sufficiently opportunistic and prepared, would have marshalled people to do the 'corrective' war to right the injustices of Versailles. If you dig enough into Wilson's speeches and maneuverings you will see that even he was convinced that overbearing French and English negotiators were cooking their own goose. Hitler and Mussolini were mere opportunists for something that the Treaty of Versailles made possible.

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    Short Answer= Adolf Hitler

    Long Answer= The world leaders behind the (I think this is the right treaty...the one ending WWI) Treaty of Versailles. They were so cruel to the people of Germany in their terms that they created an environment ripe for the rise of a megalomaniac bent on revenge and restoring Germany's place on the world stage...followed by world domination...could have been any number of people instead of Hitler who filled that vacuum...just happened that Hitler was the one who filled it....

    Food for thought, anyway;-)

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    Horrible Japan! + A dog Hit the ler

    Japan attacked china in 1932 or somewhere there but the You *** Did Not Care until the japanese Bombed them.

    Japan Is cruel during ww2,they killed lots of man by machinegunners by the beach and they used koreans as sex slave and they killed babies by throwing them up and catch them with byonates and they tortured many by pumping water into the victims stomuch and jumped on thier stomuch.

    Source(s): Wiki + Grandma + Dad
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